Truth or dare, without the dare

Ok so this is how it goes, I ask a question abd the next person answers it thruthfully and asks another question… So here we go!

Did you exceed the speed limit today?

I have no idea - I once or twice took my eyes off my speedo so I could see where I as going!

Question - Did you actually ride today?

no, need a new tire.

wht came 1st, chicken or egg?

depends which one survived the crossing of the road :smiley:
.ok…does anyone think that westy looks like Judge Jules?

yes with that throw of the sprout yesterday i think so

so who does ginger like

that’s not hard… inforthethrills

Is JohnP a woofter?

why you asking me

Is there a god?

yep i think so just hasnt come out yet

Whos the hottest LB member on here

I don’t know I don’t tend to go groping all the LBs members :smiley:

Why is it that people who have been riding the least time tend to know the most about riding? :wink:

because they have just passed their test and they think the people who have ridden the longest don t know anything

do u think the ace cafe should be named ace kafski

You mean it isn’t already :crazy: They need someone who can cook decent food.

How long do you reckon before you get more points?

how longs a peice of string :laugh:

so do u reckon i should speed

No, unless Westy & JP are in pursuit :smiley:

Why were you so well behaved last night?

why does every body say that thats the second person today

how was i well behaved

Hmm maybe it was because everybody else was being naughty that you looked like an angel in comparison :stuck_out_tongue:

Im off out now, can you be good on here for the evening?

i can where you off to

can i come

Not in a month of sundays…

whats underneath your bed?


Night time :wink:

Why are rainbows curved?

Cos they are sponsored by Wembley Stadium;)Who watched Ricky Hatton Live?