Trance/house clubs in London

Hi Guys,

I’ve been thinking for a while i’d like to get out and experience some of London’s club life. After three years haha

Any recommendations of good trance/house type clubs. Interested in the music not the drugs, looking for somewhere with good music and good ventilation ha

Thanks for any advice :laugh:

Fabric was my usual Sunday night haunt:

do people still dance to trance?!! back in the day turnmills and the end were the haunts per excellence for this, but sadly both closed, plastic people in soreditch used to have some good nights too… +1 for fabric but it was more on the techno side… imperial gardens down in camberwell new road had also psy trance and trance nights, but it was a **** hole infected with drugs… god, how we loved that one! anyhow, have fun in your escapades :slight_smile:

since when doesnt a trance club not have drugs :smiley:

I remember grinding my teeth and dancing like a crazy in turmills . … I don’t remember much detail apart from the smell :sick:

no but let me know if you find a decent one,

me and Cindy will tag along :smiley:

I went to MoS once, was amazed at the amount of pills for sale.

Trance dancing, is that the style of dancing that looks like you’re “Running away from the police whilst trapped in a telephone box”?

If you can find a night club that is not likely to have fighting or drugs, then I’m certainly interested.

For no drugs and fights, try Morning Glory :slight_smile:

+1 for Plastic People.

if you cant find it in camden it doesnt exist :wink:

I know, sadly i was born too late (25) and missed out on the great house and trance club scene. I’ve only recently discovered Paul oakenfold and the likes and want to go out and just dance without being overly cramped and stinking hot. :smiley:

Schweet thanks James

If your looking for a drug free club then you won’t like fabric! Lol

Drug free club ?!?!? Has or did such a place ever exist ?

There are a lot better DJ’s out there than Paul Oakenfold
Look at

lol I was also thinking non hot and cramped clubs are like rocking horse foo dah too

Yes for sure, obsessed with finding new artists all the time, send me suggestions!

Err - Just seen your link :D, thanks!

I think I meant, I’m not fussed if it has a drug scene or not, not looking for any haha!

If you are 25, you were born just as it was getting a bit crap tbh. Summers of 87 and 88 were when it was happening :stuck_out_tongue:

Trance is sh*t anyway - acid house is where it’s at :smiley:

Big fish, little fish, cardboard box…shopping bags!