just wondering where u guys did your courses? I was thinking about doing mine at metropolis (vauxhall), they have an offer called the “super 6” which is the das (5day course) and Cbt for about 680… which sound reasonable to me, but also spoke to a company in crystal palace (in the atheltics ground apparently), which say that what theyle do is let me do the cbt first…then if i decide to continunue the deduct the price of the cbt from the das course…i think comming to a total of 690 or something like that…the second sounds like the better deal since it offers more flexibility (not that i would chicken out half way through) but just would liek to hear where other (south) london bikers did your courses? anyone been through the above mentioned training schools and if so, would you recomend them?



Did mine with Cam Rider in Hendon…Top guys there

I did mine at Southern Rider Training, just off the A20 near Sidcup - I already had my CBT but a 3 day DAS was £475 inc bike hire, test fee’s etc etc. Past 1st time & would recommend them :slight_smile:

Dunno about their training, but I would stay away from metropolis based on their workshop results (see praise and shame)

I did mine with Freedom in Watford!

Highly recommended :smiley:

eastside riders, based in leyton/hackney, excellent instructors, there 1st time pass rate is second to none:D i paid £570 for a 4 day DAS.

I did mine on a kh250 in stoke on trent in 1975, MFA 39P…red…cracking bike…

I’d like to recommend Get Bike in Northfields.

I had already passed my CBT and had 1 year of riding a manual 125 in London. I did the 3.5 day DAS at £634, which is pricey, but I was very happy with the course and passed first time with only two minor faults. :smiley:

Definitely, if Wimbledon is not too far for you I’d recommend them.Last year I paid 520 for 4-day DAS (CBT,1-day on 125, 2 days on ER-5 Kwak)

I did mine with Dave from DG Rider Training

He’s doing the 5 day DAS for just £570 and he was nothing short of AWESOME!

He goes above and beyone what he needs to - He teaches you to RIDE, not just to pass the practical test…

He also runs regualar ride-outs and socialls for ex-pupils - All usually well booked up… can think of many people whod have such a great ‘aftercare’ scheme!

Where I work we do several different packages; our ‘Unlimited’ costs £599 form CBT through to DAS test pass, inclusive of equipment and bike loan; the only extra is for any extra tests if you should fail the first one.

Always go by recommendation of people you know; this means you have a better idea of how the people who will train you will treat you. Also, have a look at their bikes before signing up; don’t go with a company whos bikes are a pile of poo; all training bikes will have bumps and bruises, because they get dropped from time to time. But bikes with bodged bits, held together with bailing wire and tape should be avoided.

More information is available on my blog page, including the New Test coming in 2008. Good luck! :slight_smile:

Did mine on a BSA B40 350cc 1976 in the Army cost nothing as well !! :stuck_out_tongue:

did my das at metropolis in vauxhal. really good. wish i could say the same for there dealership.

hey guys, thanks for the heads up on all those training centers, will defo give them a look up this week…a couple of them a bit too far from me, which is a shame, Kempo, when u did yours at vauxhall, did they take you inside the old lillian baileys play ground to do your cbt?

Wow. Is that place still going, I did mine there about 11 years ago.

I also recommend Elite in Wimbledon. the ydo a similar try before you buy dea lwhere yo upay for a CBT then have that deducted from the final price for your complete course. They also do free training for retests if you complete a course they recommend for you after they have had change to assess you whilst doing the CBT.

I actually did the 5DAS course of Metropolis (Vauxhall)! Was really pleased top guys/teachers… although we(=I) got swore at alot and shouted at more! :blush:

but hey thats how you learn no??:ermm:

passed with 0 (zero) faults :cool:

Kickstart Rider Training in East London - a bit ramshackle at the time but got me through the Test.

Incidentally, the Tests were booked at Hornchurch, a good place for riding round.:slight_smile:

Yup, gotta say Elite in Wimbledon. Top guys (and gals!)