Trackday Junkies Mega Sore Butt

There’s no thread in General regarding this ride and only 14 days before he goes, so I thought we should all get behind him as it’s for LBs chosen charity-London’s Air Ambulance.

Thanks for all the support so far towards LAA and this trip for Mark but we need more :smiley:

We really want to hit the target of £1000 before Sunday 13th June (start of his ride) IT’S ONLY TWO WEEKS AWAY, it will give Mark a big boost knowing there are so many people behind him willing him on.

Oh boy he is going to need some healing hands when he get’s back from this :w00t::smiley:

£810 pledged so far which is 81%, can you help make a difference if so click here


Thank you for the donations we are nearly there, just a little under target so far.

Every little helps no matter how small :cool:

Come on you lot, get sponsoring :smiley:

alright, alright stop nagging just donated…jeez women !!! :D:D:D

can i give u cash Ang???

Yep you sure can. :slight_smile:

when u at the ace next

Thank you for the latest donations… it’s only 11 days away :w00t:

Dig deep people…I’ve donated but it was half for Ang who will have to rub Mark’s sore butt when he gets back. :smiley:

Yeah like that’s going to happen. More likely she just give him a spanking. :smiley:

I might need a Doctor for that. :smiley:

Where can you find a good one nowadays?:stuck_out_tongue:

You would not want a doctor near your back passage…there would be gloves, KY jelly and a pained expression on your face! :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds just like his bit of fun :D:hehe: You up for it then Nonsense? :w00t:

Anyway back on topic only 10 Days to go. :slight_smile:

Only 9 days to go. £1000.00 target nearly raised only £40.00 shy. :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the donations. :slight_smile:

Donated, good luck mate.:slight_smile:

Maybe…if there is a genuine medical reason! lol

But anyway keep donating people!


Good luck mate.