Time for a v-twin?

I’m getting a bit sick of the run of luck i’ve been having with my RR. I’m thinking i should trade it in for a liter bike that’s going to be a bit nicer in the city comfort wise but still be able to keep up when i escape london. SV1000 seems pretty tempting as i love the noise from vtwins. ideally i want to get a newish bike for around £4500. Does that seem reasonable or am i going to have to bump up my budget?


I agree. but then I would say that:D

Just listen to the beast. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uhUREIfaUp8

actually yea they sound lovely. how much are used ones? also how’s the maintance costs and reliabilty of the aprilia?

I love twin engines and i can`t wait to get my Mana.

My 600 Vtwin is almost as fast as my CBR at London speeds; despite only making about 55 bhp. Used to have a CBR600 which was definitely faster, and I miss it, but I think V-Twin is ideal for London. Don’t think for 1 minute though that an SV will keep up with a CBR6 on proper roads, it won’t.

I’m not a massively fast rider by any means so i know i’m not using the CBR anywhere near it’s potential. I’ve got a big urge though for a liter bike and at the moment thats looking like the SV1000. It would be paid off straight away with my current bike plus i’d have some spare cash to pay off my credit card and still have a slight saving on insurance.

I’ve just booked in a test ride for a 04 sv1000 on wednesday hopefully i’ll enjoy it:D

Sports 600s don’t work unless you do ride fast. You’ll probably find an SV way better.

If you mainly ride solo and you’ve already mentioned town stuff, you ought to test a Tuono. I really enjoyed my ride the other day but not something that would suit my criteria.

Bags o’ fun though :w00t:

I can recommend the SV1000, but not had much experience of other bikes.

For those making the “faster” comments, you might find rider capability speaks more than engine power :wink:

an older rsv-r are good bikes if you can afford a new 1 then get a factory or a ktm superduke as this will do everything you need it too.

I’m pretty much looking at the SV1000, SuperDuke, and the tuono. To be honest i could afford all of them. I only like the newer tuono though so it means paying a couple grand more than the SV and i’ve got better things to do with the cash at the moment. The most i want to put out on this new bike is £5000.

TL1000R ?

what and have chunky trying to say i’m copying him?:w00t: i’ll havea look now;)

You know ya really want a 'Bird proper ammount of cylinders, comfy and 'kin fast :D:D

guess Im a bit biased now though

External review by “J”
I have ridden the RC 51, Ducati 999 and the TL1000 both the R and S models. Personally the TLR was the finest V Twin that I had the pleasure of riding! I thoroughly loved the bike, yes it was heavy but there is nothing like the sound of that V Twin rumbling through a full Yosh system with PC3. The rotary shock was not great and got worse the longer your ride went but that was easy enough to replace. I regret selling the bike and plan on adding one to my collection when the time and money is right. It is too bad that Suzuki quit building this bike in 03’.

“J” (Twentynine Palms, CA)

not exactly the easiest bike to filter with now is it?:stuck_out_tongue:

Still pretty much set on the SV i don’t like the looks of the TL it’s just really ugly compared to my RR

its no harder than my GSX was filtering mate, guess if i get panniers on it be different but they are nicely balanced bikes for a large bike.