thundering and lightening

is it thundering and lighting where you are it is here in norhtolt just heard a loud bang and it sh*t me up

Had it here in essex, bout an hour ago, thunder, lightning & poured down with rain

Had the Thunder/Lightning/Rain here during night last night (Tues) and again past couple of hours tonight (Wed) in South East London,and the bloody dog is driving me mental…He goes Ape when its around!

Back here right overhead now Nr.Blackheath…(Wed 23.40hrs) Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Its just arrived in surrey

im in high wycombe away from all you london based degenerates and its pissing down and thundering here too, gonna go bed now i think

well we had it about 9pm but its back again here at Brands…aint it great to be inside and cosy

go to bed!!! you aint done nothing all day!!

you cleaned up that cat s**t

its pissing down and i stayed up to watch a progamme on sky but i have no signal why didnt i just record the bill eariler at 8pm and not another programme i thought might be intresting well i was already recording one lol and i can only record two

its over me at Notting hill now!! bloody scary stuff, i remember riding through it once, not good!!!

Cats have just come running in and the lightenings still in the distance, Glad the bikes off the road was peeing downon the way home from work at 21.00


Yea know what ya mean Ginger…Bloody hissing down & now no Sky signal to top it all…Another Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

Seems to have stopped here in North East Essex (the posh bit ) now … p1ssed down from about 8pm-11pm with thunder on and off but lightning for ages!

Mega-heavy rain here, can’t see anything! Huge lightening, lights up my whole road, which is a long one! I love mother nature at times…

got my sky plus signal back about 2 minutes before 12am so managed to watch the bill

here are some pics


Right now, all the scientists who said that Global Warming was a myth are currently wondering which way to take their “now dead” careers.

This is the kind of weather you get in the tropics for crying out loud. Its MONSOON season int he UK, hot sticky, BIG THUNDERSTORM!

Sorry…that was my monthly rant about the enivronment…I’ll shut up now

we had the joy of riding home from brands in that last night!!!

horrible m25!!!

me and ginger had to ride in it from cubana!!! not like u woosies staying at home!!

its been really sunny here, 28 degrees this morning.

Ginger, what you doing in northolt mate?.. i spent 16 years of my life there.

I was out it in too, coming back down the A10 from Hertfordshire. Wet or what? Everything was soaked except feet and head - big up for Sidi Black Rain Evo!

Sorry about all the noise last night folks, had some DIY to do.