thundering and lightening

went a bit hard with the rain last night…hope he still isnt saying there is a drought!

I was happily tucked up in bed

I hid under my duvet

Me too

Don’t mean to pry, but why were you under Biggus’s duvet?



and I was under your duvet!

Just how many were there under the duvet

I have a very big bed

I’m a bit pissed off that I wasn’t invited now.

I just bought a pair of those boots, no bike yet so haven’t tested them! Glad to hear they stood up to the weather

first trip to cubana’s last night and had a 30 mile ride back in the rain & lightning, no duvet for me just soaked through

but hey, its only water… it drys.

Did it make your hair go curly John?

I was under the duvet at the foot end of the bed…Boy it did get a bit heavy under there though,After a while I was wishing I was out in the fresh air.

what hair !!!

Quote: Did it make your hair go curly John?

:crazyi Oi me hair length is by choice, funny enough i was thinking about growin it and havin a beehive done but me lid wont go on then