thread that got deleted

is that the one i sold you for £350?

:cool: :slight_smile: rada pomoch

Well that explains why he can’t string a coherent sentence together in English, and why he has to have his mates in tow.

haha, what you mean my passport? :smiley:

I was really enjoying that part of that thread!

Here I am as a young 'un. Where did it all go wrong?



Hes a blud clot

As they say in Croydon…

I was going to post up some more guitar related time wasting too!

damn, what i miss? :hehe:

its actually pronounced pussy , rarse, blood or bumber clart ! for all the russian mockney jafakians out there …lol :slight_smile:

Illzyzf came out of the closet and says he wants moto-ring in and around his mouth, was quite disturbing.

Oh bugger, the pic that I regretted posting has disappeared !! :smiley:

and Jewell is not bitter about that at all…

What I’m bitter about is some kid with no respect, life experience and brains slagging of members personally, cops and generally being a gobby little twunt. Hence he needs a good slap.

everyone seems to have let it go now mate.

What to not go pillion with me?

Don’t need excuses…just a bit of common sense :smiley:

What so im a sh1it rider?

Look at your avatar pic!!

Its a 2up wheelie?

Oh right i get ya :stuck_out_tongue: Thats not scary… thats fun :smiley: Best rush ever :smiley:

We were quite enjoying the guitar renditions - maybe they should go up again in a less contentious place:)