thread that got deleted

ok, i understand why it was done, but it was such a bad timing! :frowning:

i’ve just managed to post asking Jewel how he’s going to get to bm, since i’ve heard he hasn’t got a bike anymore, and was offering out of the kindness of my heart :smiley: to come on the back of my bike as my bi…ahem…as a pillion :slight_smile:

May I just point out my bike isn’t road legal and I also have places to go.

why did it get deleted? i went to the pub for lunch, return to see what stupid arguments have been posted and the ‘jewell’ thread has gone!

Given that the thread contained a picture of some ghastly kitchen tiles I’m not that upset!

yeah,but i’m sure none of them are as urgent as attending boxing match :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

yep, i had to leave my computer for a while and cry my heart out when i read your posting calling me a cat lady…it still brings tear to my eye whenever i think of it

I posted on there replying to your post saying that i have already offered and he said that he would never go pillion with a female. I even told him that i would pull a few wheelies to cheer him up and he still declined :stuck_out_tongue:

if you guys could all post up your pics again as i didnt have time to print them off…

I did it…

we all know each other fairley well and it was getting out of hand…a joke is a joke but this was getting personal…so ive hid them…

i let it go as long as i could but sorry ppls…i could’nt let it go any longer…people are still free to pm each other without reservation…;).


Anna - na kogo dengi?

Menya ili pidarasta s bolshim nosom? :smiley:

HAHAHA Actually Pete started that whole cat thing, i just jumped on the bandwagon! please dont hold it against me.xxxxxx

Pete stop trying to take attention away from the fact that YOU BOUGHT THAT VEST!

:smiley: that’s a tough one Illz, i don’t have anything against the guy & i never had anything against you, especially since i found out where you’re from :wink: i wouldn’t want to mess with guys that come from where you come from :wink: :smiley: u menya deneg malo, da i nado posmotret na togo parnya, poskolku nekogda ego ne videla…poka chto postavlu na tebya :slight_smile:

Are you Turkish?

Sneaky Russians this is an English forum

i think he’s just coming up with excuses

Ahhh, thanks

tough titties, if you don’t like it you can deport me…oh wait you can’t cause i’m british citizen :stuck_out_tongue:

Molodec ! :slight_smile: