this weekend

So, who’s doin what this weekend?

The weather is gonna be unseasonally warm so that means it’s time to get the bikes out.

I for one will be doin the Ace/Bridge/Frith thing on friday, despite the fact that i’ve a slow puncture from France. (still)

fri i shall b going to the ace and bridge …sunday im off to the pro bike custom show at newark so its busy weekend

I’m going to Birmingham to see some friends and ride loads of country lanes

Im finishing my nightshifts tomorrow so this weekend Im going to ride it like I stole it and in between act like its the last ever drink Im gonna have !!!

Parrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrteeeeehhhhhhhh !!!


Off to silverstone for a weekend of camping and F1…

Enjoy the Friday night special guys - Ace, Chelsea and Leicester Square

See ya all next week…

This weekend, which commences at lunchtime today, I shall be club racing with Bemsee at Snetterton in Norfolk. Back sometime late on Sunday (well thats the plan). I hope everyone enjoys their weekend, I hope to be doing the same.

Brother’s coming down from Leeds tomorrow afternoon, so not sure about Friday night, but possibly a ride into town.

Saturday/Sunday riding as many good roads as poss…

oh, and there’s the matter of a game of footie…

I’ve got the dentist on Saturday morning then am riding up to Snetterton to join the Chuffmeister as chief tea & coffee maker!

This weekend I will be mostly working, 12 hour shift Saturday and Sunday , at least the office is airconditioned.


This weekend will be Friday at Chelsea and onwards!!!

as im new on here ill follow evryone else from the ace to the brigde i think…lol

After work, I’ll be heading to Chelsea, but obviously not the bridge (unless it’s to throw eggs at those hooligans on bikes who disturb our peace and quiet…).

Tomorrow I’m heading wherever TomTom thinks Stowe is (Matt’s guess is that it’s near Inverness… ) and on Sunday, it’s down to Kent for the BMF show.

Breaking in my new summer leathers…

Couch, couch and a lot more couch!!!

Paivi, I think Stowe (Well the public school anyway) is near silverstone so you’ll get held up with all that traffic with people going to watch racing with two too many wheels.

I will also be delayed in my jaunt up to Northampton. May drop in to Heine Gerrick up the didn’t Bozzy work there?

well im up for a hack sunday anywhere but fookin london any takers???

or im off to newmarket?

Weather is fookin gorgeous. I’m up for Ace later. Will see some LBs there hopefully, if I can remember who you are… so if you see me looking confused say ello

what time is anyone getting up to the bridge then?

Ah, it’ll be Inverness, then! Thanks Dan!

F1 shock aaaah well you wont need any sleeping pills then … please recieve my sympathy and come back to the world of bikes toot sweet…lol

Working, working and more bloody work. I have to be on call all weekend which means standing by the phone for all emergency’s.

So all you lucky gits have fun…