This Is Important !!!

Now I don’t mind a mosque but

We need to act now before its to late. Don’t know if you have heard about this but Ken Livingstone is apparently planning to use tax payer’s money to build an enormous mosque costing an estimated £100M in the docklands.

Wouldn’t it be better to spend the money on a new hospital or improved transport facilities…anything but such a scheme as this:

The mosque will be BIGGER THAN ST PAUL’S!!!

The plan is for the mosque to be so big so that people flying in from all over the world for the 2012 Olympics will see it as the biggest landmark in London , bigger than St Paul’s, Westminster Abbey or Wembley Stadium.

The vote so far is 56 % in favor. It looks like the Muslim community in the UK is casting its vote in droves, and as usual the British are burying their heads in the sand… It is an undemocratic use of British Tax payers money, especially when our Churches , Temples, Schools, Hospital and Care for the elderly that are 100’s of years old get no government funding to keep their structures standing, and we are supposedly a Christian Nation.

To vote to “Scrap the 'Mega-Mosque” please sign the official Government petition in the link below.

Pass this message to all your friends, work mates and family members and ask them to complete the petition.

Petition signed.


****ing disgraceful!!!

+1 , for what? You want a mosque bigger that St Paul’s? Here in London, UK, Europe?

I’m a christian BTW. What you expect me to do?

There’s more things they can spend money. And I’m not against Muslim people but London is British and as long as I know Great Britain is christian country and has cross on the flag isn’t? I’m not even British if you wanted to know.

There’s a huge undercurrent of bigotry on this site, which is really beginning to annoy me. People seem so narrow minded. Sometimes the forums are like reading the Daily Mail or that someone has just regurgitated The Sun Says as their own opinion. Not just this thread, but so many of the comments around the place.

You say it’s a Christian Nation, that’s just tradition, Christians, Active Church Going ones (and not ones who just put CofE on a form because it’s what you do, innit) are no longer the largest practicing religion here. The UK is a nation of Immigrants, the Angles, the Saxons, the Norse; the only true brits are the Celts, I defy more than 10 people on this whole site to be able to say hand on heart that they’re “pedigree”. London itself is the most multicultural place on Earth. 300 languages spoken within 2 miles. It’s a melting pot.

This is catering for demand, not trying to offend the Daily Mail readers. Any project in London is going to be oversized to make a point for the Olympics. If this goes someway to calming extremism as people see the lengths our nation goes to to not alienate them, why is that bad?

Why can our other great tradition as a constant Nation of immigrants not be upheld these days?

Our language isn’t even English, it’s a combination of German, French, Danish and Norwegian. Perspective time.

signed mate check ya pm sony

pertition signed

No, +1 for signing it.

I don’t want no ****ing giant Mosque in London!!!

london is british and we have mug written all over us. Just chuck the sh1t our way and we will take it and nurse it and feed it (sorry) its got to stop!



the NHS is suffering and the elderley are dying in there own homes due to the cold…and all this bloke wants is to build a mosqe?

this phucker is tapped in the head…

+1 sighned mate…

not so smiled.


Ok, sorry for misunderstanding

I could be wrong here… but the council say there’s no planning application in and they’re not expecting one… I’m all for petitions… but what is this one trying to achieve if it’s not even being built?

If this does get as far as the planning stage then objections should be raised through that process which of course would be much more effective than petitioning a government who have no say over this?


Don’t let facts get in the way Matt, you’ll spoil the fun.

Not this again… think ive seen this a bout a squillion times

Here here!

I’m not in favour of such a large building(if indeed it is to be believed) but see no reason for any number of religious buildings on the Olympic site should there be a need - I’m sure a plan for a Christian church be in the pipeline just as soon as ‘Christian’ Britain starts going to church again…

Thank God for the voice of reason!

That’s just what I was thinking - this was in the Evening Standard a couple of months ago

The Daily Mail owned Evening Standard? Fancy that.

Does that mean the hysteria and witch hunt is over?

Yours Sincerely, Disgusted of Tonbridge Wells.

amazing how the sheep will bleet when a notion is introduced. Well done for clearly and concisely imparting reason on this here ‘IMPORTANT’ topic.

Well said Oli.

Public money doesn’t fund the construction of any place of worship.

We live in a secular, capitalist state where landowners can do pretty much what they want. This is a “freedom” which is often referenced in these “What we’re fighting for times”.

As an atheist, I see the building of any place of worship as a bit of a chocolate teapot. Added to this, modern churches/mosques/temples etc. tend fall short of the incredible buildings that people of faith used to be capable of.

As a socialist, I’d solve all this by outlawing private property AND religion. Bish, bash, bosh - this particular problem disappears. Do you think the Daily Mail will back me on this?

Bikers of all countries, unite! We have nothing to lose but our chains!

P.S. I’m one step ahead, my bike is belt drive