This country is a joke!

What happened to that Muslim group that chanted “British soldiers go to hell” and burned poppies during the 2min silence on Remembrance Day?.. one got fined £50 or something like that wasnt it?!

This guy got a 6 month suspended prison sentence and 150 hours community work for putting ham in a muslims shoe!

I’ll get the popcorn!

I don’t really agree in hating muslims, but I never really understood why people place it on par with racism. There’s little rational reason for hating an entire group of people based on colour and race, but religion is an ideology and culture, surely you have the right to criticise it and work against it? I don’t agree with this man’s actions but I think the verdict is pretty harsh. It was a stupid thing to do.

Thats what we get for living in a country that allows free speech and sadly, we dont get to have it both ways.

It does p*** me off and it is unfair, but I love our little rainy island :slight_smile:

Too ture!, the UK is a right old Marmite Country sometimes!.. but I couldnt live anywhere else! :smiley: I

I think it’s because the muzzer attack was a “breach of the peace” and this one is “racially /religious harrassment” to a specific group of people, which will always get more wallop in court.

Surely the Muslim “group” were exercising their right to freedom of speech. A right earnt by the blood of British soldiers. Oh the irony.

Judge Carol Hagen told him: “It is difficult to imagine a more offensive incident.”

How about burning poppies at a rememberence service for dead people who faught for the freedom of thier country?.. honestly what is up with this place

We don’t really have free speech as we are told what we can and can’t say :pinch:

But its like any crime, I dont get how the judges work it out, there are so many inconsistencies for dishing out punishments

Bring back the Thatcher days.

Cops would batter you black and blue for gobbing off etc.

One of the best days of my life was repeatedly smashing a door in to a Hepatitis B, drug using, punks head for spitting at me, then taking him into custody telling the custody Serg that we found him like that.

Street Justice, its a beautiful thing.


lmao - you wait 'til KAOS finds this thread!


So, if I go insult British soldiers, wish them to die, or insult real fallen soldiers by burning the poppy, it’ll be fine. 50 quid, that’s one less weekend out.

If however I go and insult some imaginary muppet and the false teachings in the way this guy did, I could get up to 2 years?!?!

Oh it’s good that at least the men wearing the uniform obey the rules we are supposed to adhere to…

You deal with them on a daily basis and lets see you treat them like human beings when you know how they live, different from reading it to seeing it.

You’ll only upset Illzwhassiname with that sort of talk you know. There’ll be tears before bedtime.

There are plenty of Muslims who hate the Taleban, Al Qaeda etc, just as much as everyone else, if not more, and indeed support the Coalition actions in Afghanistan.One shouldn’t tarnish an entire religion whose membership includes countless millions of decent, pro-Western, law-abiding folk, because of the actions of a small group of nutters. That’s an incredibly narrow-minded approach, a mindset not far removed from that of the terrorists themselves!

You can’t compare the two incidents. One was a political statement (which I personally find abhorrent in the extreme), the other, a vindictive, personal attack.

Hey. So long as its the bad guys getting the beats I’m all for it. And by bad guys I mean my definition.

99% of humans are the same.

We generally try and take the piss and we need a resistance/military style disicipline to kee p us in check.


Remember in the good ole days, we just to hang\behead people for murder so people would think twice about losing ones temper.

I could right now go and mug someone, punch and kick them to the ground, nick their wallet and as my first major offence, would be virtually let off. Punishment should fit the crime, then times the punishment by 10.