Things that make ya go arghhhhhhhhhh!

Someone not replacing the toilet roll on the nice holder that we bought…especially for that purpose :crazy:

someone finishing their meal and coffee and not washin up the dishes just leavin them in sink! grrrrrrrr:(

someone complaining about the seat being left up :P:D

on a serious note, people with poor lane disiplin on the motorway

Much as I love them, kids that are well past their “move out by” date, but don’t leave home.

That to have a good one day ride starting and ending in London there are not many options.

For that one, living in North London, I always take Chipping Ongar to Saffron Walden, any other good one there that can make my life happier?

In a non-bike world, shitty flatmates, there is one I want to rip apart from six months ago.

When him indoors leaves his lunchbox on top of the microwave instead of putting it away in the bottom cuboard cos he knows it p*sses me off!:angry:

And MUPPETS on mobile phones when they are driving:angry::crazy::pinch::Whistling:

some one eating my mars bar really **** me off graaaaaaaaaaa:D:D:D

unless its on a bike :cool:

Teabag’s in the sink and dirty tea spoons on the side. :stuck_out_tongue:

hum aint tried that.:hehe:

pulling out of side roads without looking while on phone unable to indicate… aaaaaaarrrrrrrghhhhhh:w00t:

People in cars sitting at 58mph in the middle lane of a motorway

oh and my brothers not cleaning up after them and leaving stuff all over the work tops! and not putting tools back! and cleaning them after.:rolleyes:

Don’t do it then! Oh, you mean car drivers?

Willful abuse of the apostrophe!

losing decent fish…and finding big teeth marks left in teh bait!:w00t: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrgh!!!

cagers that llike to drive in 2 lanes at once, and people that dont indicate…and cyclists!!!:smiley: oh and maxi scooter riders…:smiley: (joking bout maxi scoots)

Acting as nanny to a KTM:D

Cars with blacked out windows at junctions - can’t tell if the co*ksucker inside has clocked you or not.

Stupid ex-wife who told my 4yr old that I’m going to fall off the bike - upsetting her in the process.

So glad she’s an ex!!! :angry:

Waiting for my new lid to arrive…ordered a week ago…Parcelforce tracking- left depot 5.18am…still not here:sick: