Things that make ya go arghhhhhhhhhh!

Daughters who leave ironing hanging on the upstairs banister for a week because she can’t be arsed to hang it up in the wardrobe.

Daughters who want the pair of jeans that were put in the wash last night but she swears they were in the washing basket days ago.

When my boy does’nt wash his NRG scooter for months, when I was his age my bike never went on the road unless it was polished. AAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHH (Son It will turn into rust bucket,reply,Yeh ok dad I’ll clean it later).

Being woken up at 6am on a Sunday morning when my lovely daughter arrives home after a heavy nights clubbing with four of her mates in tow.

Of course I love them to bits.

Put them all up for adoption…problem solved :DGetting all leathered up lid on keys in hand go outside 'kin puncture :slight_smile:

I was going to get them adopted, however they have beat me to it, They told me they had booked me a surprise holiday, I go into my warden controlled flat tomorrow.


When someone hoovers and then leaves it in the middle of the hallway with the cable all over the floor!

replying to questions by asking questions!

spending all day going up and down a desolet bleak fen drain in the pissing rain catching sod all…but i’ll do it all again next week:D


mates who only find ya when they need summink