Thin Road Legal Helmets

Hi, I’m a new rider. Only just passed my CBT, and looking to eventually do the full license.

The style of bikes I like are either the old cafe racer type or the old Royal Enfield/Vincent/Indian/BSA style bikes. I particularly like the new Royal Enfield Machismo, even though any biker or mechanic I’ve spoken to have almost spat on the pavement and slapped me for even thinking about buying an RE, because they’re so unreliable (although I’ve heard that the new ones are better and don’t **** oil).

Obviously full face lids don’t really look right on this style of bike, so I’m looking at open face lids, and my problem is this: I’m a short arse with quite a small face and not a particularly small head (although I don’t look quite as odd as I maybe make myself sound), and most helmets make me look like that bloke out of ‘Spaceballs’.

The only thing I’ve tried that’s road legal and looks alright is a Davida 91, supposedly the smallest road legal helmet on the market (wish I could wear one of their pudding bowl helmets. I know a lot people still do but it bothers me that you’re not insured when you do). Trouble with the 91 is that even the large (58-60cm) is not exactly too small, but there is some pressure on my forehead, which although bearable I think would annoy after a not very long while. A bloke serving in metropolis motorcycles in Vauxhall reckons you can use a spoon to press the front in a bit. Anyway I think it’s because the 91 is quite a round helmet and my head’s a little more oval.

So my question is this: anybody know of a lid as small as the Davida 91, that is perhaps a bit more oval in shape?


think those helmets look totaly unsafe but thats my opinion, whether your riding a “bag-o-nails” or the latest crotch rocket, sod “looking right for bike” ya heads worth more than that :slight_smile:

I think you’d find the helmet will get more comfortable over time as the polystyrene-like inner layer adapts to the shape of your head. I certainly wouldn’t use a spoon to speed up the process! Reason: if you overdo it you will end up unnecessarily reducing the shock absorbent quality of the helmet, making it less likely to protect you in an accident. Also it may end up making it too loose which may also compromise safety.I rode for nearly 10 years with an open-face helmet and can understand the attraction, but I would recommend you at least get one with a visor (unless of course you’re planning to get goggles to protect your eyes).

My very strong advice, however, is to get a good quality full-face helmet. You may like the looks of the bike and be unwilling to compromise on that, but I think you will find the looks of your face will become more important to you if you had the misfortune to land on it in an accident. With the Davida 91, it seems likely you will end up with no face at all, should the unthinkable occur.

If like me you like having the “open-face” experience when riding in town but also need closed-face security on faster roads like motorways, then I recommend you get one with a flip-up front. I have had my Shoei Multitech for over a year now and couldn’t recommend it highly enough.

Good luck with whatever you choose, and I wish you a happy and safe riding experience.

It doesn’t really matter whether the helmet fits or not, as long as the colour matches your bike.

Try to get a paint chart from the manufacturers for comparison. Also, check that you can get leathers to match as well. Having a matching helmet but leathers that are half a shade off looks really rubbish and spoils all the effort you’ve put in.

Also, think about after you’ve pulled up and taken your lid and gloves off. You might want to go to a nail bar and get those pinkies seen to at the same time. Matching lid, gloves AND nails is an awesome look to rock.


BB you forgot about the boots!

Good point Panagiotis. Thanks for the reminder.

Just goes to prove that we’re all still learning, eh? :D:) Must try harder next time.

very good BB :smiley:

LOL @ thread.

My experience: some time in the distant past bought my first bike a C90 from an ex-cop. The bike came with a pudding bowl helmet!:w00t:! Very first time I rode it I got shunted by a truck, went over the handlebars and skidded down the road on my chin. Next day I went out and bought a full face helmet. QED :slight_smile:

This is the second thread with very funny comments today BB - have you started growing/eating those mushrooms yet?:slight_smile:

+1 …it is the mushroom season come to think of it…

There’s a Scuberth J1 Jet (£300!!) that is open face but with a metal bar instead of the normal full-face chin section, apparently it’s just as effective (manufacturer claims so large pinch of salt required).

Maybe worth a gander, but I suspect it still won’t meet your style criteria.

Don’t worry. Normal grumpy service will be resumed as soon as the effects have worn off :slight_smile:

Think you lot have hurt ‘<A class=SmlBoldLinks id=_ctl1_ctlTopic_ctlPanelBar_ctlTopicsRepeater__ctl15_smAuthorName onmouseover=“window.status = window.location;return true;” onmouseout="window.status=’’;return true;" href=“void(’’);”>Ziggy’s’ feelings :wink:

He’ll have to get used to it if he is posting on here:P

and your point is ? :slight_smile:

:smiley: Hahaha.

Point taken.

However, style and vanity is a part of riding isn’t it? Harley riders and hells angel types like to look a certain way. They don’t HAVE to wear black leather and denim, but I don’t see them with painted finger nails. I see pictures of the cafe racers outside the ace cafe in open face lids and pudding bowls.

Life all functionality and no style would be pretty boring, no?

Nah. :cool:

I’d be more worried if I became a member of a new place and people DIDN’T try and rib me a little.

As long as they can take what they dish out. :wink:

No probs bring it on !!! :D:P

get a smaller head…

Hi ZiggyYour not alone with your problem daughter has a petite face and takes a small helmet, but has a slightly long head from front to back and her helmet puts pressure on her forehead so much she get a red mark and has ended up with a headache. Her helmet is an open face with a visor that covers her glasses. It’s sort of fighter pilot style. Because she has such a petite face, when traveling a speed she finds the wind lifts the helmet making it uncomfortable. Needless to say she now has to buy a new one. She has tried my open face, By Arai that has a full visor but no chin section and has no problem with it’s fit. It also hugs the face alittle ideal for a narrow face. I selected it as it was the only one I could find that didn’t make me feel like a bubble head. The model is sz/f It’s a bit expensive, well I found it so, but it was well worth what I paid. You can see one hear. I ride a cruiser and it looks OK as well as giving good protection, a happy compromise. On slow roads it’s visor up and dark glasses. On fast roads flip it down and your safe. I would advise you try one on. Hein Gericke is where I got mine and they have a good range for you to try on. Good luck finding something you like :slight_smile: