the things that annoy you most

i have to say this really bugs me. why do people press the button at a crossing then walk across while the traffic is still moving, because by the time the car or bike pulls up because the light is red there is KNOW ONE THERE. dont press the bloody button there is no point.:crazy:


The guy that parks at the end of the bike bay at about 05.50, about 45 centimetres from the white line, with the bike that has the steering lock the opposite way to most bikes, and then leaves about 07.45.

The end space has been mine for the last 2 years!, and I hate having to move at least 2 scooters at the end of the day, everyday when I don’t get my space!

people that dont say thanks when you hold the door open for them.:ermm:

middle lane drivers… gggrrrrrr

people at the supermarket checkout that look suprised when they have to pay and dont have there money ready, and then take ages to rummage in there bag:w00t:

women who don’t get their oyster card ready before reaching the gates

Knobs that don’t know their highway code - sitting in the middle or outside lane for no reason exept to hold up the flow of the traffic. There are other pet hates but I’ve not got time to vent them at the moment! :slight_smile:

when you go to mcdonalds and they always get your order wrong.:crazy:

when you send your tax return in every year well on time and they still send you a £100 fine for not sending it in on time.:crazy:

the woman in the mitsubishi colt this morning who took a good 10 seconds to change lanes after the hatfield tunnel


people that drive so close behind you that you cant see there headlights.

You having a bad day today Anne-Marie?

:hehe::hehe: no not at all its just some people annoy me. any way the world would be a boring place if everyone was the same.:smiley: its just good to have a rant.

+1 :smiley: having fun with that post today, just what I needed on a monday morning :slight_smile:

Worst thing about holding the door open is when they walk straight through and leave you standing there holding the door looking a right d1ck!

Poor grammar, spelling, sentence construction and punctuation really gets my goat.


People that bitch for no good reason:w00t:

Middle lane drivers
Women that do the lets talk thing after a couple of bottles of wine, when i just want to sleep.