The Site.

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Going back to the original question, how does Bike Chat Forums exist? It has ads and some really disturbing images, as well as some rather nice ones, so I assume google has no part in it.

It also has some complete knobs on it but hey it all makes the world go round.

Do people get lots of pop up ads then? I always use my mobile & dont get anything. I sign up to a few bike related websites (mcn, visordown, megamotorcycle store etc) because im genuinely interested in the special offers & articles I receive. Provided any ads/emails I receive were bike related, I’d rather that than paid subscription.

Well, sorry to hear that Vern, I hope we will catch up @Ace or somewhere else.


ps. remember I’m not British, when I say something I mean it.

Big rack I like the sound of that. hosting a chat web site is cheap, and so is licensing the software. 50 member’s,less than a £5 a year each. Then you can swear all you like, as for moderating…

Hosting a descent site with descent software underneath, ssl certificate etc is 10$/pm. Plus once a year domain is £4 a year. So £104. It is not a problem for most of bikers to found it by them self. The tricky bit is maintenance, sometimes 1 min a day sometimes 1 day a day sometimes 1 week a day. And the skilled professional to set this up and maintain every now and then…£300-£450 per hour.


Just use a phone on here as mentioned you can see no ads when using a phone. And calling Google a fukcin kunty wankshaft of a search injun and how it is a giant pish stain across the internet should still be possible.

The rack would have been nice to see.

But there are some valid rants. The forum has been problematic ever since the botched upgrade. Since then, no email notifications, uploading attachments, sending PMs to multiple people, YouTube, the list goes on. It has been broken for years now. Isn’t about time that it got resolved? Yes I know it costs money, but I’d put my hand in pocket and I’m sure a lot of other people will.

Personally, having managed sites before, I don’t see this one as being particularly troublesome with regard to advertising etc. As per the posts, I see it as an extension to the top people I’ve met at BM. So ultimately, if you feel the site is lacking in content somehow… contribute. It is after all, the sum of its parts.

I do know who you are referring to Vern :wink:

Though they weren’t as impressive as that blonde passer-by’s titties when we were having chips. They were something else. Terry definitely noticed them bad boys hanging from her chest.


Just post up the details guys :smiley:

I think that is a constant irritation. In terms of user experience the old software was much better. It probably did less but delivered more. Is there a reason we seem to be stuck on this software? And I don’t buy the problems with transferring the “archive of knowledge” argument. No one cares about rideouts that happened in 2007 and no one searches for knowledge which may be out of date when they can ask. Bin it off and start over.

It would be nice to have there is a lot of information. However I found the search function is not as good as the old site software, easier to use Google to do a domain site search.

Also the quote system as well.

IIRC, Jay did a lot of customisation to the site and to the database when we moved to the new front end but then tech support for it dried up. then the ownership changed and now it’s too complicated to correct.

especially cos it’s in ASP, if it was PHP I know of at least 2 forumites would would help fix it.