The Riot's deader than a very dead thing...

Stuck it in for its mot Saturday…stop your sniggering! It passed but wouldn’t start. I left it there in bits over the weekend as the mechanic had been trying to get it going as the governor wasn’t there. The mechanic got knocked off his bike Saturday night (broken femur and thumb :frowning: ). The governor can’t kick start the bike as he’s getting on a bit and then on top of that is going on holiday at the end of the week! I’m having Brian (The BCR Mop) collect The Riot for me tomo. Gutted, I’m thinking about walking down to Blackfriars Bridge and tossing myself off!:crying:

Mate your better off going soho to get tossed off :smiley:
as for the rot, plop maybe it’s time to shoot that lame steed…

Lame steed…LAME STEED! How fuggin dare you!:angry:


Oh dear. This is bad news Sharon.

Hope the Big R recovers. Also be very careful where you go tossing yourself off;):w00t:

Sneaky sneky sneaky - just remember the Riot in better times - it will rise again from the ashes to be the Unique and Peculiar Vehicle of yore:D:D

lets hope it hasnt got bike cancer

chuck it orf the bridge n buy a new one :slight_smile:

Give it to me please:D I like that bike :wink:

Do the humane thing and put that bike out of its misery :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t understand what people are saying… The Riot was what every bike should aspire to be. Worked to the bone, lived a full life. It reminds me so much of the way bikes are kept in Greece… till they fall apart by a gentle breeze

Think about it this way… What’s a better lifestyle:

a) being kept away from the world, on a very strict diet and regime, paying meticulous attention to every move only to manage short bursts of brilliance and living to the age of 75
b) getting pissed every night, snorting from both nostrils at the same time then going and rolling in mud with two members of the opposing sex and living to the age of 75 (see lemmy :P)?

Long live the Riot… :slight_smile:

Good idea. I always find I’m much more relaxed afterwards.

It hasn’t been in the river already?

I’m not sure I’m following. Are you saying you would like to be ridden hard by Sneaky when your 75? I’m sure Sneaky will be up for that :w00t:

My analogy clearly falls down at that point…

Forget the riot pick yourself up a pretty blonde :wink:

Yeah, Long live The Riot!

Maybe we need to have a collection. If 10 of us chip in a couple of £ each, Sneaky will be able to buy a new Riot and can dry his tears.

Come on Serrisan, where’s your spirit of adventure!:smiley:

Hey, Serrisan was first…oh alright then!:smiley:

Don’t worry, the Zombie Bike will be back. Hard to get rid of them you know, stake, garlic, silver bullets etc… impervious Honda quality shines through in the end.

It lives?