The Object To Your Left Is Now Your Weapon

damn gotta fight zobies with a lampshade or an London A-Z :blink:

you might last a bit better than me, with my cushion!

I won’t get far with my 15" Powerbook :ermm:

(reminds me of Dead Rising!)

new henry hoover bag!

…but i can run fast! :smiley:

A borked 4 year old MacBook Pro & a Casio scientific calculator that’s still in regular use despite being 29 years older than the lappy…

… and I also suspect, older than most of the people reading this! :stuck_out_tongue:

Reckon “The pen is mightier than the sword” applies in a Zombie uprising…?

I sure hope so :frowning:

16 Silk Cut, an ash tray and a 6 year old Nokia mobile.

Better practice running I think.

my dog muhahaha

had you have said right it would have been a machette :slight_smile:

dualit 4 slice toaster

OK here IS THE ANSWER to defeating the zombie uprising

Get zombies to follow you to Pastor Terry Jones field, get zombies to follow you running over Koran pile, simultaneously getting Pastor Terry Jones to light the fire by abusing all evangelical Christians of his world dominating 54 congregation. Zombies are burnt and any left over are destroyed in the ensuing global jihad against Pastor Terry Jones.

Only joking kids but it might just work theoretically.

P.S. Change name, country and planet for ensuing comment.

Zombies I believe do not do space travel and if they stowaway in the airlock depressurise it.

:w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: ;):wink:

Looks like I’ll be alright… Bokken training sword! :smiley:

passport application form and a speaker.

under the desk to my left I have a china biscuit jar and 2 bb guns though!

Me: “Wife”…very dangerous!

Mrs Bamblemash… Hair Brush…also very dangerous!:smiley:

A can of Raid and a greyhound, not sure which is smellier:w00t:

My gf will protect me from those nasty zombies (although she’s fast asleep at the mo’).

Does a gf count as an object?

hmm I have a can of camping gaz and a lighter, 2 baseball bats, a cpl claw hammers and various tools, I think I’ll be ok :slight_smile:

My blackberry, two pens, a 30cm steel ruler, and loads of repressed anger and frustration.

I’m sorted.

So when does the zombie invasion begin?

Lighter fuel, lighter and a dozen cuban cigars…

trust me NO one is getting my cigars :smiley:

Oh dear… An empty carton of orange juice, a small plate and a washing machine… =|