The engine keeps cutting out on my Yamaha 125! Any ideas, help or affordable mechanics?

As the title says I have just bought a Yamaha Virago (98 model) 125cc, but am having
some problems with it as it starts up fine, will ride for 5-10 mins ok, then suddenly cut out!

I ll leave it for 5 mins, then it will start up and do the same thing 5 mins later. I have had
a few pops come from the exhaust and am wondering if its a fuel problem (??)… or electrical?

Does anyone have any other ideas or had anything similar?
Im new to bikes and biking so appreciate any thoughts or even if there are any experienced
and affordable mechanics out there who can come take a look. Im based in East London.

Many thanks!

Here is a Vid of the bike and problem.
Perhaps seeing the problem might shed some more light on it.

fuel filter?

Just sent you an email Scorch…

Could be a problem with the float chamber fuel valve?

Or fuel pump maybe?

Thanks for the post Conrad, I have a feeling its perhaps something like that - maybe a block
and not getting enough fuel?

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tank breather that had been pinched when the tank had been

I realised after it stalled a few times and I tried to open the
fuel cap to check I hadn’t run out of petrol. It was hard to
open and there was a noticeable sound of air sucking in as I
prised it open immediately after the bike had stalled.

Thanks for that - I was trying to google any similar problems on this
and saw something like that before which said to try starting the bike with the petrol
cap open - which I tried but didnt make any difference, plus the cap opens no problem,
so dont think thats the situation sadly.

really does sound like a problem with the fuel feed. I’d check that regardless of your fuel cap. modern bikes have a vent hole in the cap anyway so you might not notice any suction.

Unless the vent is blocked.

also true.

Thanks for the tips, appreciate it, seeing as I’m new to bikes and not really having much of a clue
of where to begin to sort these things when they go wrong! :unsure:

Someone suggested I buy an external fuel filter to fit and attach to the fuel flow tube, so have ordered that,
but not sure if that will sort it or not? How else could I check the fuel flow?

Def’ sounds like fuel starvation, the bikes probably only running on petrol in the float bowl and it’s not filling up quickly enough to keep running, hence the stop start riding! Reckon you should first remove the petrol tap and check the delivery tubes attached that protrude up into the tank, they could be gummed up so restricting the petrol flow. If you haven’t got an inline fuel filter it’s best to fit one so you can actually see the petrol flow and if it empties when the bike cuts out. cheers

Since you have only just bought it, I would go back to whoever sold it to you and told him get this fecking lemon sorted.

you leaving choke open?

Thanks for your advice. I did contact the seller after this happened (2 weeks after I bought it)
He said nothing had happened like it before and was unsure!

I have now fitted an external fuel filter, which isnt making any difference it seems.

I thought it was helping as it filled up and started once I had attached it and then thought it dried up and the bike stopped
However, I then tilted the fuel pipe so it filled up and then stayed filled up but then the bike still cut out again!.

I spoke to one mechanic who said it could possibly be the rectifier (?) which has gone and more likely to be electrical.
Just getting frustrated with it now… think I need someone to come take a look…:doze:

I had a problem with the rectifier. The battery wouldn’t hold the charge. The garage had to replace it.

Scorch seems to be the go to mechanic lately:

Still not having alot of luck getting this sorted, so have resorted to posting a vid of the bike
and problem in question up on youtube :

Perhaps seeing the problem might shed some more light on it.
If any one has any further ideas or if you think you can sort it
or know anyone that does, then please do let me know - cheers!

so it cut out when you revved it?

…I thought someone might say that Choprocker - as in the vid it does seem to cut out
when i reved it, but in fact often I can rev it a good few times without it cutting out.

It just seems to cut out between 5-7mins whether its standing idleing or on the road.
It will then not start up again for 5 mins or so but seems to rectify itself and start again
then die within another 5-7mins. : (