The daily chit chat

I would also, and I now do.

fancy some laning?

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just like busses

anyone going to see Bonobo at the Royal Albert Hall?

@me_groovy went last night

Take ear plugs. The volume goes up to 11 sometimes when it should be 10 and it distorts.

Aside from that, it’s utterly incredible. Do stay for the encore.

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I got lucky with my seat selection


Oh nice!

Just got back

Was really good!

Man I’m too old to have 5hr of sleep :yawning_face:

hear that!

I signed up to so much shite and early mornings for the next few days I will probably be dead by Wednesday next week!

Tell me about it. I got into bed at 1:30.

I’m pretty sure that’s me and Hogtrumpet

DGR anyone?


Parked the GS in a London bike bay today, and my bike was there when I came back. Amazing.


Been p1$$ing down alot! all the scum are prob indoors

Brave. I’m meeting someone in Westminster in an hour and for a moment I was tempted to take the motorbike but I’ll cycle instead.

Blimey you kept this quiet @Joby

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Kept it on down low until we got funding.