The daily chit chat

I feel like we need an off topic thread where people can just chat about random things that don’t really sit anywhere, or doesn’t really justify a whole separate thread.

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I love the feeling of a new front tyre. Went out this afternoon and it’s so confidence inspiring. Able to trail brake and fall into corners so smoothly!

Also the old girl rips :wink:

Gotta love the warmer weather for grip!

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Wasn’t that much what the roll call threads were for?

I’m in the market for some new hoops. Have you seen how much they cost nowadays? £300 nearly for sticky hoops. Wut. Used to be £200, and that was big money.

It was, think of this as one big daily roll call

Anyone going to the ABR festival at Ragley Hall?

Nope, but I saw Tool on Monday :metal:

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Nope. But I will be there for the APF.

What is APF…?

It’s niche.

Extremely niche and secret!

I’m going to the ABR, so are half a dozen old LBers who don’t post here anymore

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PSA: noco jump start packs 20%ish off at the moment Amazon Deal: NOCO Jump Starters

I read that as Noco jumpers… Was very confused

Every time I put on new tyres it demonstrates to me that I square-off my tyres badly. The new ones just want to fall into corners; I love it.

I need to find more curvy roads.


Man it’s warm today! Don’t even need a coat or a scarf :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Me and a few others from here

I washed three bikes today. Also took the mirrors off the V2 again for trackdays.

The GS was filthy. Knowing my luck someone will say they want to go green laning now, after having no bites for months.

I’d be up for some green Laning my issue is o have no bike to do it on :cry: