The Coach & Horses and'c summer sizzle

Dear London Bikers I have posted this to clarify matters.Brian M is one of your members, he used to be known as Chris but he upset people before I understand and re-appeared as Brian M. He does not work of Hatfield council and he has used the name to associate with someone who does and so some of what he says does sound slightly plausible. I found this out because a member who does work for Hatfield council phone me and told me about Brian M and his previous activities.The truth is that The Environmental Health department received no complaints at all, I checked this morning.The usual method is to send someone out to the addresses of the people who complained and to measure the sound levels from there. This is logical because what does taking measurements from somewhere else prove? If the sound levels exceed the legal limit theywill approach the landlord straight away. What is the point of having such a department anyway if they were not their to protect people there and then? They can, if they feel threatened call upon the police for assistance. This never happened because there were no complaints to Environmental Health.This morning I have spoken to the Licensing Officer andhis counterpart in the Police to see if there were any complaints and to trace this Brian M. I also asked Chunky if he could assist in tracing Brian M. This can be done using his IP address quite easily and the police have the facilities at hand. I wonder if they might find other things?When you join any forum there are rules and laws to follow to protect the members especially the vulnerable. This Brian M is breaking those basic laws by telling lies and trying to bully members to support “His cause”. I do hope that you will not let this happen.The truth is that I did have one couple come into the pub to complain claiming to be residents of Newgate Street Village F’ing and Blinding to my bar staff then to me. I told them that if they continue with such language they would beshown the doorimmediately. I told the couple that I possessed the correct licence. They said that there had been no other similar events before and I informed them that there had beenfour last year and six this year. They had not heard any of them before. The lastevent was licensed to 3:00 and consisted of a disco in the garden which was taken in at 11:00,(This is my person watershed regardless of the day of the week), we then had karaoke inside.The previous two events were live bands in the garden.There truth is there was a phone call on Sunday from a person associated with the group I banned for racist remarks who was the first to always ask for the musice to be turned up at previous events!The truth is I did get acomplaint last year that I was not licensed for outdoor entertainment and the licensing officer came and told me about, I hold my hands up and admit I had not read my licence properly, (I became landlord of my first pub, The Coach & Horses,on the 5th of March 2007). That episode was again a load of Chinese whispers which took me three weeks to unravel. The end result was that the golf and BBQ in conjunction with Milbrook golf club was cancelled and poor young George Yeoman missed out on a lot of money thatmay have made his last days a little more comfortable.Another truth is that a small groupof people want The Coach & Horses to be a quiet country pub, Idid offer to sell an evening or two to them exclusively providing it pays my bills. Alas they declined and I have to find other ways to make my pub a popular place to go. Sadly these people are quite devious and do not care about others, believe it or not there have been complaints about the noise from Tolmers scout camp! I bet they think Scrooge is a documentary.The London Bikers have been attending every second Tuesday of the month since last year, my customers have never had any problem accepting your presence at all because your attitude has always been impeccable. My customers are still talking aboutSunday and hope for a repeat sooner than later. Those that missed it feel that they have missed a great event which is indeed very true, well done Andy.The truth is that you are welcome to come back any time and hold an event here, (Yes I know you say I would say that), I really mean it because it was all innocent fun for a good cause which follows the letter of the lawand that is all you need to think about.Oh and the pub dates from 1622 and was the first building in THe Village before it was a village.Regards Chris, (Landlord of THe Coach & Horses).

EDITED: Afro 15.08.08

Thanks for putting the record straight Chris:)

Care to comment BrianM?:wink:

Nice one Chris. I think a certain someone looks like a bit of a tool :smiley:

lmao. You gotta laugh at this kinda stuff… :laugh:

Everyone who went seems to have had a really fantastic time according to the pictures! :slight_smile:

WTF!!! God, I was really quite annoyed at this Brian M fella, now i have to pity the poor fool - good God does he really have nothing better to do with his time??? Great party chunks, thanks Chris for the venue and also for clearing all of this up :D:D

Well done all… that seems to of put that one to bed!

Really sad i missed it now

Nice one Chris.

Now to send BrianM a friendly PM:D

“Billy F8cking No Mates” more like:)

I wasnt at the event, but did read BrianM’s comments and he just seemed to be a complete knob head. I’m glad that he’s been found out and hope that the site F**k him off now.

Nice one chris, shame I missed it but I will be at an inbreeds meet again in the future as you and your staff have always made us welcome, even when we move the furniture about :slight_smile:

And in these hard times pubs have to do whatever they cant to attract custom, even allowing those ruffian bikers in :smiley:

cheers again

er i think iv missed something…who’s brian m n wat did he say? sounds like a twat tho

for those that missed out on Sir Brian M

Glad to know that Chris. Like the food and the location so might be popping around for a meal one sunday in the near future.

And many many thanks for a great evening.

my god i cant believe Ive just spent 10odd minutes reading the original post! Wat a load of rubbish. I had an awesome time n aint nothing ruining that.


Absolutely. What a twit and complete waste of time reading such drivel.

Chris, well done for pointing out the truth of the matter and thank you for seeing it as an important issue for us.

And personally speaking, I would never believe anyone is laying down some ‘official’ tripe using the shocking grammar displayed by this Brian M character. A forum isn’t the place to enforce the real law and its rules, and in my experience those responsible for it’s upkeep manage more than a nasty mix of SMS and Elementary school English.

Quite simple>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>ban the mofo:D

+1. That weirdo was getting me well irate. Grrrrrrrr! :crazy::angry:

Well, it was obvious from his total lack of professionalism, that Brian M was on a wind up, but thanks for clarifying anyway Chris.

Ive been coming to the Coach and Horses on and off since I was 18, so not quite as far back as 1622 :wink: , so im glad LB will be welcome back in the future.

Cya soon.

How bizarre that someone would take so much trouble to mislead everyone, and to what end? There are some odd people around. Guess that’s the thing about the internet, you get all sorts.

Looks like it was a good party btw. I will try to go to next year’s but would prefer a saturday, i work mondays and live nowhere near the venue and don’t fancy getting back late sunday night.

The only reason that this one was a sunday was the availability of the venue and the band.

Sausage Sizzle II will deffo be on a Saturday, shall i start spamming it now?;):P:D:D:D