The Coach & Horses and'c summer sizzle

I feel I missed out on this years… so yes, start spamming now.

I might go and cook some sausages right now, just to feel in the spirit of things. :slight_smile:

Didn’t go to the BBQ but have just like many of you wasted 10 minutes of my life reading the original post. Any chance of having another BBQ soon, getting every member to go with at least two dustbin lids each, metal of course, finding out where Brian the Moron lives and provide him with a symphony of cymbals so his has something proper to complain about. Then when he sticks his head out of his front door use it as a drumstick.

Brian M… we cant hear you !!!

all together now…

“its all gone quiet over there, oh its all gone quiet over there”:smiley:

One for Ratty :smiley:

Nice to have a happy ending and to know that “Brian M” was not really a council officer - we were beginning to believe what we read in the papers about killjoy council bods. Hoping that “what goes around comes around” ensures that he has a fulfilled life (somewhere)

Thanks again to Chunky M for arranging it and shame he had to put up with all this **** after what was a lovely evening.


dillinja tis da man!:smiley:

chunks, wanna bok a d’n’b DJ for next one…get REAL LOUD…:wink: