Tamoretti Scooters

Anyone heard of Tamoretti Scooters?

What are your opinions about them? Any info?


They are typical chinkycrap scooters and i wouldn`t touch them with a barge pole.

thats kinda what i thought…

where are they made?

China :smiley:

Actually they are all made by one factory in China, and then sold to lots of different companies who put their name on it.

They are branded as Tamoretti, Znen, Jinlun, Baron etc. etc.

Mixed reports on their reliability. I just picked one up used with very low miles and a history of cutting out, not starting. My wife just fell in nlove with the look, and i wasn’t prepared to shell out twice as much money on a Habana which she’d probably either (1) drop or (2) lose interest in or (3) first (1) then (2).

I believe that there’s a definite design problem with the fuel pump on some of these, but to read some owners’ reports there’s an easy fix, which could mean a bargain for some technically adept fettlers.

Others report lots of fragile bearings etc. and shitty chrome.

If you can fix it yourself, and intend to run it til it drops (because I can’t see there’s much resale value in it), then it might be alright (also assuming you’re happy with so few horses, and prepared to be smoked by most every other 50cc scoot out there).

I’ve heard reports of poor quality “metal”, and of bikes in the same batch being quite different in terms of finish and build, but this was a while ago and perhaps someone can tell you that they’re improving all the time.

I think you get what you pay for. But if you don’t want an awful lot, then these cheap bikes might be what you’re looking for.

ain’t that the 1 that was on a t.v program a while ago the 1s that fall apart and are built shitty?.

Not a design flaw with the fuel pump. Operator error.

The carbs on these little critters need to be primed before you hit the starter button. Their carb has an accelerator pump (like a Del’orto) that squirts a jet of fuel into the inlet tract every time you twist the throttle. If you don’t do this, and I mean lots of times (I’m averaging 15 twists on a cold engine) they won’t start. If you do the twisty thing, they spring into life like magic.

Maybe the routine is hidden in the Chinglish operators’ manual, I haven’t the patience to look. But my 2007 Jinlun 125 has been running fine for a whole week. They’re a laugh, give one a chance if it’s cheap.

i’d go along with most of the above.got mine in december,no problems in the cold weather.yet.

hi, these bikes are great fun and look amazing, im selling mine if your looking for one, see copy of add below, cheers chris

hi, im selling my black 08 tamoretti 125 rectro, i cant stress how immaculate this bike is, covered 4,600 miles and has just had complete service. It also has the alarm and immobilizer fitted with remote start ‘very cool toy’ 12 months tax is included. this bike also has the alloy foot plates, clear indicators and braided cables. I’m a bit of perfectionist and like i said it really is as new condition throughout. I have both keys and all paperwork. Previously supplied by Scooter Central. Looking for offers on or around £700.
Any questions just shout back or call 07791 146183 any time, im in Bromley, Kent.

Nice first post Chris:DWhy not say hello in the newbie section?

As somebody said , these bikes are all made in a small number of factories. They are not nearly as bad as people make out…bike snobbery is the real issue…exactly what happened to the Japanese bikes we all worship today when they arrived in the sixties…The Chinese are the future of bikes (and many other things I suspect)

As to the Tamoretti…I know for a fact that the guy who imports these has them “modified” at the factory. Known weak points on these include drive belts and plugs. He has them changed to European parts and (as far as I remember) he also changes the brake pads… He assembles them well thus avoiding most of the “problems” these bikes tend to have.ie shoody pdi etc.

Ive done 25K miles on a 150cc chinese scooter ( one round trip of 2000 + miles for a bet!) and had no issues whatsoever. Great value at 600 quid in Turkey.

Do they come in Nuclear Red?

Mmmmm I’d been looking at these. Would be good to hear any other views/comments on them. I liked the looks of them, retro style. Being a woman I guess they would appeal more than some of the more modern looking scooters.

I just bought one, simply to avoid traffic and congestion charge. Great fun. Normally a street bike type but sick of getting oily.

2 problems I have found this week. The fuel gauge is wildy weird. Today it showed in the red but when I put fuel in it topped at £2.91, felt a right plum LOL.

Also although it starts ok, once you stop and the engine is still warm it wont start again unless I shove it forward a little, a minimal push start. It has cut out on me a couple of times too.

The swing arm, presuming it has one under the covers, dont half squeak when going over bumps. Be surprised if I get more than a couple of years use but cheap as chips

A squeaking swinging arm sounds alarming. However, a squeaking shock bush is more common and easier to fix so check that.

The word ‘Alarming’ sounds alarming. How do I tell if it is one or tother?

It is alarming because if the swinging arm bushes are squeaking it implies a lack of lubrication. They will therefore wear quickly and give very poor handling.It also implies improper assembly as they should be well greased when the machine was built. On an auto scooter there normally is no swinging arm bearings, the whole engine and transmission swings with the rear wheel on one set of bearings.

The shocks will also have bushes at each end. These often squeak but wear there is easier to solve (you don’t need to drop the engine out) and will do less damage is left as they are.

The easiest thing is to get some aerosol grease and whilst making sure you don’t spray any grease on brakes etc, spray some into the bushes at the top and bottom of the rear shocks. If that solves the problem, problem solved.

If it doesn’t. get someone to bounce up and down on the scooter whilst you track down exactly where the noise is coming from. If the shock still squeak loosen them off and reassemble with grease. If the engine mountings squeak, you need someone who knows what they are doing.

Thanks for that Giuliano. The most important bit of that for me is the end “need someone who knows what they are doing”…not me then. I once tried to adjust the tappets on an old bike of mine and got the metric and imperial feeler gauges mixed up. I closed them down so tight I wore the lobes off the cam shaft in a few days lol

And also I do think the chrome is rubbish too but for a fun runaround @ just over a grand new who can argue