Tall Riders

Ok guys, havent posted in a while, limited myself to just reading up.

Im considering splashing out soonish on a “proper” bike and I was wondering if there are any tall riders on here and what bikes they feel comfortable on.

Im 6foot 3 and rather large feet, what bike would you suggest?

Couple of people have been steering me towards the VFR but I would like to know what you wise people suggest.


Im 6’3 with large feet too - I tried a Ninja, 600 RR, R6 & K4 600 GSXR

The Ninja & 600 RR felt way too small for me, really cramped - the most comfortable was the R6 with the GSXR 2nd in the comfort stakes but still good, wasnt much in it but I chose the GSXR A:) because I had always wanted one & B:) I thought it looked much better than the 52 plate R6 I was looking at :smiley:

Best thing to do is go and sit on the models you like - I hadnt passed my test so couldnt test ride any so I kind of bought it on the merit of what I’d heard on the forums and magazine reviews.

Hiya… I’m 6ft 3… 34inside leg… and nearly 17stone…I had a Yamaha Fazer 04 onwards model… plenty of leg room…

Supermoto’s are fine as they have a tall seat…

Bmw’s also are great to ride for us big uns’

I have a Kawasaki ZRX1200s now… loads room and comfy too…

The big musclebike nakeds have loadsa room…

I thought the VFR was a somewhat strange riding position… dare I say… too sporty but Iv’e sat on other sportsbikes and found them not too bad…

If you just want comfy all rounders the nicest bikes Iv’e sat on and ridden for my size were the Yamaha TDM900, Honda Blackbird, Kawasaki ZZR1100,1200 and the ultra comfy (but ugly) Triumph Trophy… Hmmm… Triumphs are pretty comfy…

If this sounds confusing then just get out there and try some out… I can rule out a bike just by sitting on it and saying no…

mind you… I still want a Ducati Sport Biposto… Mega uncomfortable on the arse,wrists, legs… but oh so cool…

I’m 6ft4" and 20 stone and big feet as well. Best most comfortable bikes I’ve rode are XJR1300 - GSX1400 - ZX12r and a Busa. Personally I’d go for the ZX12r. It will probably be my next bike or a Busa?:smiley:

I’m 6’3 also, have had an r6, 748 and now r1

It depends how/where you ride and how focused on ‘comfort’ you are.

Defo go ride the bikes but bear in mind if you’ve never ridden sports bikes they’ll all feel aggressive in terms of riding position - its for a reason. Unless you do serious distance/ need to carry luggage you can ride any bike you choose to without any real issues

i’m 6’2", big plates for feet and a streak 'o pee
ended up going for a CBR600F as my first bike and very happy with it, much more comfortable than the latest sports bikes which are basically race reps in comparison

VFR was very tempting and i’ve always wanted one but the weight difference between VFR and CBR is too much for me at the mo

although i bet my tune will change if the new VFR is a looker :slight_smile:

Im 6ft1, vary between 13 and 14 stone and ride an 07 ZX10. Some people have problems with the ten because of arm length - feel like theyre stretching over the tank. I don’t, but then you dont have to have long arms to be tall. I also liked the 05 Fireblade I had a for a few months - no real issues - but getting used to the lack of anything in front of you once youve spent 30,000 miles on a sports tourer is interesting… The R6 and R1 both felt like I was sitting on top of the bike (very top heavy) and like the new gixxers, felt like there was almost no bike beneath me.

I do 70 miles a day in a combination of motorway, dual carriageway and residential 30mph areas, probably an equal split between the three. I used to have an SV1000s, which I also liked very much - like the SV650 that I borrow from my other half at the moment. Ive got a 36in inside leg and feel the position on the ZX10 is more forward and my legs are more likely to cramp than on the SV, but they dont cramp that often for me (usually when Ive not been on it for a couple of months).

I also have a kdx200 trailie, which is great fun, does a good whack on the motorway and is good about Town, too, without any issues with seating position :wink: But it currently has a leaky fuel tap - something which is apparently common… If I had the money, Id prolly go for Superduke as my trails bike :slight_smile:

Id have to agree and tell you to go and test ride a few :wink:

I’m about 6ft3 and did just over 400 miles of motorway from Munich to Reims this year on my R1 with just the usual petrol, food and rest stops.

Didn’t feel too bad afterwards either.

The comfort depends on your physical make up really, so like the others have said, try a few bikes out on a test ride.

i’m 6’2" and 17/1/2 stone and the VFR 800 does me a treat , and cheap insurance too £73.00 TPFT for me … don’t get the VTEC … go for a 1999/2000 one you go far wrong there was a bloke selling one at BMM the other week , it was a 2000 model …like brand new …£3000 test one first you’ll be well suprised

That has made me think even more that the ZX10R would suit me better as I’ve felt that about my R1 since buying it.

Do it Afro - you know you wanna LOL

I’m 6ft 3 and I found mine probably the most comfy sportbike I have EVER ridden - other than a K5 Gixxer which is probably too comfy :wink:

6’4’’… currently on an old zx6r (mines a '99 but where that shape until about 2002) at the moment, much larger than the new breed of 600’s :angry:

Oh well, litre bike for me next i guess!

I am 6 foot 5 and a lot of stone and a GSX1400 is best for me after test riding a few, as said above any muscle bike will do the trick. Best to try as many bikes as you can and see what feels best.

Like Afro Ive got a R1. Im 6.1 and slim built, and I love my bike. I feel like I fit it.

Had a GSXR 750 before and didnt feel quite a comfy on that asdo on the R1, but maybe that was down to experience (was my first bike). Best is to get out there and sit on them all and then go for the one that turns you on most.

Have fun

I’m 6ft5 1/2 and weigh 17 stone - I wear 13.5 (48 EU) Altbergs. Had a VFR750 and it was okay, had an FJ1200 and it was good. Have a Triumph Sprint RS now and it is the best of the bunch for me so far. Plenty of space and comfortable. enough power to have more than enough fun, economical, reliable and fantastic triple sound!

Im 6’4". When I passed my test I tried loads of bikes. (except race bikes which Im not so keen on). The best ones I found for a tall fella are the Z750 (which I fell in love with and bought), Fazer (naked version S2 or whatever its called) and all BMWs.

Ones that didnt work due to size were Hornet and SV650 although I loved the hornet in other respects.

Just enjoy a few weeks of test riding everything!

think long and hard what you want the bike for, daily commute, playtime, touring etc then test ride as many as you can to get a “feel” for them :slight_smile:

just another thing… If you go for the VFR… def go for the 800 pre/ Vtec one… Iv’e been around the shops/biketrader/ebay in the last few days…

Some good ones around for £2200-2800…

GSXR-750 is plenty comfy for my 6’1" lanky frame.

old shape tuono , Fazer thou , R1s are quite roomy as are the 04-07 ZX10’s

i love the blackbirds myself , all day comfy and im 6’3