Superbyke RMR 200

I just saw this:

Looks like a very cheap commute bike, about £7 petrol for 1 week of commuting, I would assume insurance is dead cheap… but anyone know anything about the bike?

Found this:


Looks cheap, from the review it seems good value, found one on eBay for £1k with 2k Miles… was really thinking to get it as a commute

please remove this crap from the supermoto section! :smiley:

bracken’s have them for sale & even they say there ****:hehe:

Ideal for andrei then pmsl:P

I did reply earlier but bloody LB went down and I lost what I wrote:)

I read around and found out good bits about it, plus it is seriously cheap… and at almost 30 miles for 1 liter? wtf… that is cheap:)

The bike is a SMoto after all hence why in this section. Saw the videos for it, sounds good also, plus you can change the pipe and sproket and get more oomph out of it.

Seems a lot better than the CCM30 and the Yamaha WR250F.

On the other had I saw the MZ Mastiff 660 SMotos… now what about that?? Is that crap? MCN thinks it is rather good:

if it was life or death id take the MZ :cool:

I wouldn’t buy any Chinese bike simply because of build quality and parts availability.
Go for second hand Suzuki DR-Z400SM or Yamaha xt660x as fun and cheap commuter bike.

Not sure about that :w00t:

i know someone selling a mint ccm r30 if thats any good for you? i can pass you on the info if you like:) or buy my 660smc:D

You selling up?? :doze:

lets just say the future’s bright but not orange:blink:

or my 625 SMC :wink:

the 660 is a man’s bike:P

Which is why you’re getting rid :wink:

moving on to madder motoing:cool:

Oooh. Exciting.
Come on, what are you getting?
Husky? Aprillia SXV?

all will be known in a few days:P

Nope, its very, very rusty!:cool:

Welcome aboard m8. I have torn stickers and a jar of rust all ready for ya!:w00t: Sorry, I just couldn’t keep it secret any longer!:rolleyes:

Why are you selling that already?

He’s trading up…finally!:stuck_out_tongue: