Sunday March 2nd - it's been too long!!!!

:w00t::w00t: Don’t blame us for anything! We’re just coming along for the ride:w00t:

The Bonne needs an oil change :ermm:

Rykas is 110 miles/2½ hours from here, via the Burnham Bends :wink:

Do you think that plus Martens sortie, plus the return trip will have the oil warm enough to flow freely?

Think that would do the trick Art.:slight_smile: A long haul for you (around 340 miles :w00t:) but would be good to see you and show you around the lanes of Surrey and Hants.

unless Martin wants to lend me the KLR :slight_smile: can we throw in some nice B roads as well as our lovely untarmacked single cart tracks :smiley:

Care full what you wish for Helen :Whistling: Happy to let you use the KLR…just need to think of how we can attach a step ladder :slight_smile:

Due to our house purchase falling through yesterday:(:crazy: I may not be able to make this now.

Seems we may be back looking at houses.

I will try and get along, but if I can I will probably be on the little Ducati as the ZX6-R is in storage. Just need to find out which box my Goretex is in now…

Weather sounds OK tomorrow - 10 degrees & cloudy, rain in the evening - will we be back before dark? :w00t:

^^^ good point, what time you planning to be back?

…I might be up for this if you’ll have me :slight_smile:

Probably back at Box around 5.00ish

I’ll get to late for me, but I could always leave around 3:00pm wherever we’ll be… :doze:

…yeah, f**k it, I’m in :smiley:

Maybe up for this in the morning, have friends on the way over, so it depends how today goes :smiley: Have fun!

Don’t know where you’re based, but lunch stop not too far from A3 if that helps…then we go Chichester, Duncton Hill, nr Bury Hill (A29), then heading back to Box via a scenic route. :slight_smile:

Hels, Martin… sounds good… see you guys and all at Box on the morrow then :)… I am coming up from my new home on ‘The Maldives’ :stuck_out_tongue: so I will be a splitter sometime after lunch though to head back there, maybe near Chichester…

Yep, probably a bit on the long side for me 10:30-17:00, depending on the route I may peel off early. I think it’s set to rain from 15:00 onwards.

Just did a rough trace of the planned route, and it’s possible we’ll not be back as late as 5.00. Sure Hels wouldn’t want to get back too late so it’s a case of see how things go :slight_smile:

Piggy bank raided for go go juice funds although I may have to bring a packed lunch :ermm:

I will be there about 10 - 10.15 tomorrow, am aiming for a decent, but not over priced, roast lunch in a pub with a roaring fire, not some soggy toast in a transit caff and will not be coming back in the pitch dark in a hail storm in gale force winds on a motorway this time :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: usually takes me about an hour back home from Box, quicker on the way there - will be aiming to get back to London by about half five.
If I am tail gunning, wear eye catching outfits and Geoff wear a placard with your name on :wink:

See you all tomorrow - first round of teas are on me.

Oh and Art - happy to stand you a lunch since you have looked out for me on previous rides like a true gent :slight_smile:

Back at Box Hill by 16.00 would be perfect otherwise I’ll leave earlier…
Wildfire where are you based?

I might have a table cloth I can lend you for the picnic table.

I’m coming from Sutton, so not too far away.

Packing a waterproof, but I may need to be back earlier (house viewing). Will definitely come down to meet in the morning though. Another mate may join us.