Sunday 7th March Passageway to the Pier

Ok trip to a Seaside Pier

loaded with amusements & penny machines :smiley: :w00t:

looking about 180- 200 mile round trip

Cream Tea or Pub Luncheon

weather dependant

due to distance/time this may be a bit too much for smaller bikes but this is newbie friendly for larger bikes

where ya going?

Can we join you on this?

A) It is Chris’s birthday that day

B) He should have a replacement Daytona that will need a run:D


We don’t care which pier it is :w00t:

Congratulations!Begs the question though … where will you be sitting on this new beast? :w00t:And please … don’t say your 'arris :stuck_out_tongue:

I would imagine they’ll just change the seat with the one off the old bike.

Fck off, you think yours is noisy, just wait til BBII is in close proxinity to yer tight little are.:stuck_out_tongue:

Where is this?

Owh :rolleyes:

I was hoping for a sidecar arrangement with space for Nina too :smiley:

Sorry, Tim we would love to come along, sorry to introduce such comments to your admirable rideout thread. Some LB members have no sense of propriety.

Destination is Eastwards

Walton on the Naze :stuck_out_tongue:

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Stops are either

Tea Room @ B

Or Pub at C

And then

Fish and chips @ D

Return Journey Unknown …

Jetstreams Welcome … Need to run the new bike in Gently lol :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll like to join this one tim;)

Think leaving time from Ace will be 9.30ish

feel free Rob

Rob’s a tart he always goes for a free feel;)

Hope this is still on.:slight_smile:

Tim - If you are keeping a list (limiting numbers) then count me in please :slight_smile:

Am chomping for a decent blast…even had my bike washed yesterday of all the winter shite that was making a home for itself!

this is still on …well if i get my rear shock back in time lol …

bluelagos your welcome to come …

i don’t place limits or lists if you want to come turn up …if not don’t simple as …

not a white knuckle pace rideout

I’m not coming then ;):P:D

Would like to join … any chance I can meet you near the M25?

Don’t fancy travelling into London, just to head out again :smiley:

Hi Guys i would like to join you if i manage to get my bike fixed before then.

Hey guys, I’m quite new on here and on big bikes so I’m looking for a good place to pop my group riding virginity. Mind if I join you?