Sunday 7th February 2010

its legit i swear its all in phunky crayon and has the special coffee cup ring seal and the chewed frilly edges you only get on non chewable material

Wow - phunky crayon - must be the bizniz. See you Sunday. :D:D

If I pull a plug cap off will that make mine UNDER 1000cc ? if not I cant play :crying:

i may have to miss this one. if i do manage to come i’ll have a pillion

Thanks for the invite if the weather is good I’ll be there. I understand the hot bath but am not sure why I would need a cold shower? :):slight_smile:

I’d love to join you, but unfortunately I’m having my bag emptied that day :smiley:

As in sack?

Count me in. Any objections to a noisy blade (that’s dodgy engine noise and not a sexy, throaty exhaust note)?

Might be tempted to potter along, after all waving you guys of on Sunday from the Ace was just not the same!!:wink:
What kind of mileage you going to do as been out of the saddle so to speak and not sure if the body will take too long a ride out???

No idea of mileage yet, we will be leaving the Ace at 10 am and hope to be back by dark.

There may be a bit of a problem posting after Thursday afternoon as Jetstream HQ computer is very poorly. Fingers crossed we will get a new one in time for the weekend but if we don’t , we’ll see you all at 10 am on Sunday:)

if the weather is good and i finish putting the bike back together by then ill take along

sounds good to me.

weather permitting (as in freezing ice!) ill be along if thats ok…?

actually im out …just noticed rear tyre not in ideal condition for a brisk pace jolly …and pennies bit scarce

trotters??? thats a bit harsh mr jet stream. Im actually sick and on antibiotics and so im not longer planning to get drunk saturday as we are going for a nice meal instead of the house party.

SO i might come along sunday if im feeling healthy enough. If i do i think Mrs rixxy wants to come pillion, if thats alright with your royal self.:D:D

Your only as old as you feel… or in your case look!!!:P:P:P:P:P

Oi u! Yer im talking to you Mr! :stuck_out_tongue: I do not look my age thankyou very much! :smiley: Been told i look 20 so ner :smiley:

No-one told you you look good for forty?

This Sunday I will be in Swindon at my brothers, so I can’t make this weekend. Maybe next time?

sounds tempting…hm…what am i doin on Suday? If I go I might have a pillion too…:smiley:

I hope this wasn’t directed at me, if so im going to cry.