Sunday 7th February 2010

Planning a gentle ride, Cotswolds bound, suitable for riders of larger bikes who havnt been out for a while. Probably not ideal for 125s or learners, this will be a scenic ride on a variety of roads with plenty of stops.Its February so the weather will be mild to sub tropical.

Bring yer bike if it`s not been out for a while. Forgiveness is yours to bestow upon yourself.

Strictly no B-Kings unless they tail gun.

No bikes over 1000cc without disfunctional rider certificate. (Robs get out clause)

Discover the joys of the English countryside on a supportive, multicultural ride to nowhere in particular. Edit - Please see: We will have a charity collection on this ride for the London Air Ambulance - Ideally £2 per person but more if you can manage it. This is of course voluntary but anyone too mean to donate anything will have their name posted up here for all to see;):w00t:Edit 2:We may not be able to access LB from Thursday afternoon, so see you all the Ace Sun, 9.30 for 10.00 departure. Arrive with full tank, join in at your own risk, we’re going anyway whatever the weather, see you there:D

That sounds like a nice ride - weather permitting, count me in!

Think I’ll be giving Rixxy some manlove that day…

Look forward to seing you again Steeeve.:slight_smile:

Is this a private function? Are you massaging his trotters?

Not as far as I know!

Bike will still be out of action so unless I play pillion I’ll just be thinking of you guys.

HANGOVER day as Rixxy will be celebrating his oldness :smiley:


Not as old as we are, so that is no excuse:D:D

Can I come if I

A Go tailgun

B Put it into B mode which reduces the power by 30%

C Take a pillion

D Take a Pillion, with the bike in B mode and tailgun?

D sound about right, anyone in mind?:slight_smile:


Add me to the list!

I don’t mind being Tail Gunner if you need one.

if i can find my certificate im in :slight_smile:

funny was going to suggest a ride that sort of way myself but will put it in with the other ideas for another day :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds like it should be a good day out … so as they say

count me in! :stuck_out_tongue:

With the usual disclamer on weather conditions.

Please notice our fervent attempts to make this ride a non threatening experience. We have informed Joby that he is “persona non grata” (due to his lack of a bike):smiley:

Triskie we need and want you along, it is our fervent hope that you will grace this ride with your ebullient presence.:crazy::kiss:

Puppy is welcome due to his playful nature and propensity for chasing sticks, on the proviso that he brings his beautiful mistress.:slight_smile:

Nonsense, please attend in case we need a doctor on the rideout as we may need post perandial flatulence treatment.:stuck_out_tongue:

Ratty, please rock up for piscatorial identification.:w00t:

Matt, bring yer spanners.:cool:

Chunkey Monkey please attend as you have not ridden for a year or two:hehe:


Byron, all is forgiven:P

Ricky, this is your kind of ride, nothing too fast and lots of stops. Don`t hold back just because you ride a blade, we feel sure loads of people will enjoy looking at it in a car park.:cool:

Jay, get back to the roots, bring yer camera and offer PJ a backie.:wink:

Little Bandit, have a warm bath and come along, save the cold shower for later.:smiley:

Roadrunner drink yer Marmite cuppa before you set off and we`ll share yer lunch.:slight_smile:

Rockerchick, wake yer dad and sister and experience the essence of family fun.:crazy:

Wasp, it`s about time we saw you buzzing about.:kiss:

DLChatel, what do yo do do on Sundays?

ASBO if yer not busy dogging in the former Nazi enclave, we`d love to see you.:w00t:

Mad Dog, tag along with yer bling and a spanner.:hehe:

Sneaky just bring yerself for the LB most gorgeous man showdown.:smiley:

Will be good to see you again!! (we thought you were off enjoying Antipodean winter sun):slight_smile:

Of course we will be checking all certificates thoroughly on the day;):smiley:

Do you mean your wife?