Sunday 28th April 2013 - 400+ miles TOWiT meander through the Peak District

TOWiT - The Only Way is Triumph

Sunday 28th April I’m off on a ride in to a Triumph Twins meet at Matlock via The Peak District National Park, if anyone is interested the low down is.
Leaving High Beech Tea Hut at 7 am :w00t: interwebby Googlie maps wotsit here170 miles Outbound on the M1 & M6, possibly meeting up with others on the way.90 miles of awesome twisties, refreshments at the Snake Pass Tea HutMeet/lunch or whatever floats your boat in Matlock150 miles homebound on the M1, ETA back at High Beech around 6 pm
I’m making that about 22% twisties against 78% Motorway which is marginally better than Pareto would have us believe.

A moderate paced ride employing the corner mansystem as required, explanatorythread here. Check your top boxes, tyres, oils, coolant, drive chains, numberplates, stators and fuses. Arrive on a roadworthy bike with a full tank of fueland an empty bladder. Have with you sufficient funds to cover the costs of fueland nibbles for the day. No Harleys, knobbers, boy racers, girl racers, whiteline overtakers or late brakers. No cats, dogs, sheep, horses or cyclists.Everyone else welcome, ride safely, at your own pace and enjoy the day.

If my ankle survives on Saturday, I could be sorely tempted to join you (subject to weather and hauling my lazy a**e out of bed in time. Would have to be up at 5.30am in order to get there in time!!)

Any chance of a meet up point near the bottom of the M1? :smiley:

It’s not called the only way is Kawasaki Ally :stuck_out_tongue: I might be up for this, I have a Triumph and need to test longer rideouts and I’d like to visit Peak District as well. It’s a win win win! I’ll let you know though as I want to go to Belgium the following weekend


Don’t call me racist, my other bike is asian :smiley:

Art - is this a part of some sort of bigger bike meet? Do you have a link to check it out? Thanks

@ Ally - Leaving Toddington Services M1 north at 7.40 am if you like
@ george - inter webby linky wotsit here

If I’ve managed to flog my Honda and find a replacement by then I could be up for this. I like the Peaks a lot :smiley:

why are you going up the M6 to Matlock ?

you should go M1…A6

Because we can :wink:

We’re going up the M6 to Congleton for 90 miles of the most awesome twisties in England that will eventually see us arrive in Matlock with mega grins on our faces, change of pants optional :stuck_out_tongue:

Roll on next weekend BUMP :wink:

90 miles of awesome twisties through the Peak District [400+ miles all in], refreshments at the Snake Pass Tea Hut, lunch/meet in Matlock

Who’s in and where do you want to meet7 am High Beech8 am Newport Pagnell M1 north

Are we going on the M6 toll?

Giving the tolls a miss and going via the Hilton Park bit, M6 proper

Googlie Maps wotsit

Who’s in and where do you want to meet7 am High Beech8 am Newport Pagnell M1 north9 am Hilton Park M6 north10 am Shell Garage adjacent to Tesco at Congleton CW12 1LR

Most probably in for High Beech start, is the hut even open at that ungodly hour?

Don’t bank on a steamy mug of tea George, it was just some where on route that people know

You could always bring a thermos or some camping stove kit and the makings :wink:

We’ll grab something at Newport Pagnell where I think Ally is joining us :ermm:

Ok well we’ll see depending on the weather forecast. Currently it is somewhere around 80% chance of rain in Peak District on Sunday, which is not nice. But hopefully that will change

It’s a lot of miles and a VERY early start - neither of which I wish to do if it is definitely going to rain (despite how much I love going on ride-outs with John, Joby and George :)). The site I find most accurate is rather more encouraging than George’s -

So here is my plan. I am going to reserve a room at the Days Inn motel at Newport Pagnell Services (yeah I know, I’m just so jet-set! ;)) which will mean I won’t have to rise before the sun, in the morning (and will reduce the mileage a bit). On Friday night if the weather forecast is telling me that it is not going to rain hard (fine with a bit of drizzle or the odd shower) then I will go ahead and meet you for coffee at 8am.

Ally, if you’re booking a room why not book one nearer Congleton :ermm:

That way you’ll get the first 170 miles out of the way and can meet us at the 10 am fuel stop after the boredom of the motorway section :wink:

Shell Garage adjacent to Tesco at Congleton CW12 1LR, easily found just 6½ miles off M6 junction 17 (A534/A34)

Ok, so a couple of days ago I booked a room in a nice boutique hotel in Congleton at a very reasonable rate, in order to split the journey over 2 days. Today I have been checking the weather reports for both the route and the destination - it’s not looking good :crying:

Really sorry John, but I don’t fancy riding 150 + miles in the rain on Saturday evening on my own and just can’t face doing 400 miles yet in one day. My ankle has taken 2 days for the swelling to subside after each weekend’s adventures since I’ve been back on the bike. My physio was wagging her finger at me earlier (seriously - felt like an 8 year old!)

So, I know it’s a bit dull, but I am ‘weather dependent’ - I have to decide by 2pm tomorrow (so I don’t get hit by a cancellation charge). Will let you know then.

Not a problem

It’s your call Ally, looking at how the weather is now we should have escaped this morning, Fingers crossed it’ll hold for Sunday.

Oh this is bad, 95% chance of rain in Matlock on Sunday… :frowning: And I still don’t have proper waterproof gear. Looks like I’m out then unfortunately, unless the forecast changes or I’m able to pick up some waterproofs tomorrow.