Sunday 27th October TOWiE special to celebrate the ending of British Summer Time with a splash

Anyone reporting back from this ride? :unsure:

Had text from Jets few hours ago, nothing since then


Big thanks to Art for a grand day out and to Geoff for tailgunning.:slight_smile:

Others in attendance, Martin, Marcus, Dave, Vitali and his friend Eddie.

We did some roads, some lanes, some fords, hadlunch at Tiptree jam factory, then did some roadss, some lanes, a public footpath :crazy: and some more fords.:smiley:

Thanks to Eddie and the van driver for providing the entertainment.:stuck_out_tongue:

We took some pictures,

The first rogue elephant in the room.

Art shows how it`s done.

Eddie shows us how to do a 180, shame about the exit strategy.:wink:

Then this bloke decides to wash his dogs arse.:w00t:

Eddie pulls it off.:slight_smile:

Lunchtime and Art does some Cholesterol loading.:sick:

Well done one and all, particularly Vitali who did the big ford with no previous practice.:smiley:

We all got through but the van which tried to impress with his speed and alacrity failed big time.:stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks again Art for allowing us to play in your back yard.:smiley:

Somehow I’m really happy now I was not on time :stuck_out_tongue:


Superb day out, excellent choice of roads, lanes and stops. Cracking pace, well lead and the cake was grand too :slight_smile:

Well done Art, and of course GeoffB for tailgunning.

Saw Vitali and Eddie again on the A406 after taking a supposed shortcut which clearly was not, hope you guys got home safe.

Excellent choice of roads! Fords! Good sausage bun!:cool: Both of us enjoined the day also the indicator was fix with glue and very happy with experience. :smiley:

Hi Mrs Art, John neither ordered nor ate said cream tea, it was ours and we used it for a photo opportunity at Johns request.:slight_smile:

Thanks Art and all, really great day out that, thoroughly enjoyable :slight_smile: the sun shone most of the day and we only got wet from below :smiley:

Few more pics…


bull sh1t

A cracking day

We did some twisties, some proper gravel, some proper leaves, a closed road detour, that footpath, two large puddles or was it one large puddle twice, and the 10 fords - Sible Hedingham, Shalford Green, Great Waltham, Great Leighs, White Notley (Eddies favourite). Then after lunch we did some more of the same, the two proper job fords were Nounsley followed by the not so Little Baddow and then Danbury, some twisties around the Hanningfields, Buttsbury and finally the elusive Haygreen.

Well done Eddie to pick it up and go again at White Notley, that’s exactly what I meant by steep in and slippery, and Chris green laning the Daytona 2 up on PR3’s :w00t:

I was thinking to make this an annual event but Julie had a better idea, why not do it again on 30th March 2014 when the clocks go forward to BST. Why not :ermm:

looks like you all had a lovely day playing, while I was forced to go to the mother in laws. glad you only got wet from the bottom up. Great photos aswell.

How thoughtful of you, however, I know my husband better (you should have seen the size of the curry he ate tonight).

Mrs Art

Always happy to be of service.:smiley:

We look forward to meeting you one day, or indeed more than one day, perhaps you will be out and about when John gets the Rocket 3?

What is the national Speed Limit through a ford?

You guys are nuts.

That has to be deeper than a foot

You should know by now that all ford markers read 1 foot just to fool people;) Remember the nemesis ford markers - they say 1 foot too:w00t:

You lot was looking wrong way when Edgard managed to drop on the ford because I drop my new spanking bike on to someone house fens but because of the mirror I was able to regain the balance and safely safe the bike from compliantly drooping and damaging or braking the wooden fens I think the insurance pay would be massive compare to Edgard’s indicator and handlebar :cool: which was fix with glue and brand new bar!

Just don’t get this ford riding, is it only me… maybe… you all looked to have had a fun day.