Sunday 26.11.12

lol, would be a blast screaming around a big shopping mall :smiley:
It’s only my missus who is dodgy though…you know you can trust me!

DayFromUntilTempFeelsRainIntCloudDirSpeedPressure0°cWeatherConf.Sun 25 Nov0:002:598 °c4 °c0.6 mmMod84 %23 to 48 mph990 mb1902 m
3:005:597 °c2 °c0.6 mmLgt85 %24 to 50 mph997 mb1395 m
6:008:595 °c0 °c0.0 mm
25 %18 to 42 mph1003 mb1262 m
9:0011:599 °c6 °c0.0 mm
14 %14 to 32 mph1006 mb1355 m
12:0014:599 °c6 °c0.0 mm
2 %10 to 26 mph1006 mb1477 m
15:0017:599 °c4 °c0.0 mm
8 %8 to 25 mph1006 mb1700 m
18:0020:597 °c6 °c0.0 mm
54 %11 to 31 mph1005 mb1808 m
21:0023:597 °c6 °c0.0 mm
73 %12 to 30 mph1003 mb1876 m

thats a bit pessimistic…the bbc weather is a bit more jolly, i think i’ll go with that :smiley:



otherwise i’ll just start heading north and hoping to spot Scorch at some point. then i’ll turn around and head back home. :smiley:

not planning to leave very early, will give a chance to the roads to dry up.

“Frankly my dear I don`t give a damn”:smiley:

The random quotes rideout will be leaving the Ace at 11.00 hrs.

Be good to see you Alba and any other dog lovers. :slight_smile: x

“Those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.”

cool Mr J, the random quotes rideout is on! :smiley:

Good quote Alba, who`s that from?

“If you can`t be with the one you honey, love the one you’re with” Steven Stills. (Crosby Stills and Nash )

that was Bernard M. Baruch, author.

‘Marge, if you were married to DaVinci, you wouldnt tell him not to davinch’

Homer Simpson.


“To live a long life. eat simple, be honest, bathe regularly, read a sutra, and fart once in a while” Tenkai Sojo (15th or 16th century monk who lived to a very old age)

“The problem with quotes online is that you can never really verify them” Abraham Lincoln

“Women are the destructive force of history.” Percival Perkins. 1927.

When God made man she was only joking.

Not made up by Mrs Julie Jetstream, but for some reason she thinks it`s funny and aposite and relevant:blink:

“women diddle and men widdle” Chris Watson 2012.

How far do you intend on going Mr J

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated” Confucius

Not too far, a delectable lunch venue in Cambridgeshire or somewhere close if we can¬t find it.:slight_smile:

Has Mrs R dissed the ram raid?

Hmm… sort of, women even after 25yrs of marriage I still ain’t got a clue :frowning:
So if I am not there by 11, I have been kidnapped.

Pike and eel for lunch.:slight_smile: Bring her along:)

Take my word for it, Mrs R loves an eel.:wink: She told me and Mrs J in counselling you only have an elver.

Wot she said.:ermm:

Miserable partes equum ferro fiunt mollis effercio

Long storey short - mid week rear end rattle, lose rack, rounded off torx/hex key bolt heads, punched and drilled and eased out, old school proper job hex head bolts procured, copper grease and thread lock at the ready.

Just need a little more time than is available to re-assemble. Have a good one, a little wind but plenty of sunshine over High Beech as I type.

Ride safe

Well I’m looking at torrential rain as I leave york, followed by torrential rain later when I get nearer home. Gaffa tape and bin liners…:w00t:

Well at least it’s consistent :smiley:

Are you taking a route that I could bypass and catch up on the motorway somehow? I will be free around 11:30-12…would love to meet up, perhaps at the lunch stop?