Sunday 26.11.12

UPFARTE: Random quotes rideout, leaving the Ace at 11.00am.

A ridout for dog lovers and anyone else with an undisclosed rash or fleas.

Let`s rub and scratch our bits together in a forgiving rural setting.:slight_smile:

Suitable for Adult itchers only.

(We don`t wish to share our intimate tales with the under 25s)

Not a swingers party though we may pass through Bishops Stortford.:rolleyes:

Anyone going anywhere?

We would but we need a professional plug and a tank full of fuel.

So it`s over to Geoff and all the other reprobates to make this weekend work.

Curvy Ally, Alex Gold, Tiggi, Alba, Art, Rusty 99, Rixxy, Motopup and Mel, Smiled, Andrew &7, Rosso.

Your turn to step up to the mark and freak out our balls.

Is that another word for a butt plug ! :hehe:

No out rainwater butt is fine thanks.

Just got a bit of flint in my rear.

Well the weather looks a bit sketchy atm, but provided its not hammering down I’m up for a bit of rideout-based lunacy :slight_smile:

if i sort my discs out by saturday, i need to test ride on a sunday as it happens :smiley:

mr J, pop down the OMC if you want it done properly. i had mine plugged and was as smooth as a new one.

Wake me up when it’s summer time.

Unfortunately I won’t be around this weekend. Family party on the Isle of Wight - plus weather looking pretty miserable at the moment - at least I’ll get to try out all my wet weather gear! Also busy the week after, but planning to do a Finchingfield newbie ride out on Saturday 8th Dec - will post up nearer the time.

err NO

have you seen how shite the weather is looking, i’m will to meet people at the ace - with a dingy!!!

Weather looking better @ midday, I’m up for it if anyone is around :smiley:

BBC say’s sunny !

well maybe we do a quick afternoon blast.

The missus wants to go shopping at Westfield on the bike on Sunday for xmas shopping FFS.

However she has not really had a good look at the S1K and has not seen the size of the rear seat, so she may cancel the trip :smiley:

FFS indeed Russ?!! Where exactly is she planning on putting the shopping??!! When you say she hasn’t really looked at the bike, I reckon in her mind when you talk about your new Beemer - she imagines this:

Rather than the harsh reality of this!!!:smiley:

Ubless of course she only plans on buying things like this:

Expensive, but they don’t take up much room :slight_smile:

I believe it was a recon exercise, as she mentioned a ruck sack!!!

I got bored of waiting for Sunday so I’ve buggered off to Yorkshire. Heading back on Sunday, so if the ride out heads North…:smiley:

that is REALLY tempting … :smiley:

Well I’ll check for messages on here before I head back. :slight_smile:

I’ll have you know I am no longer a reprobate! I’ve now joined the Jehovah Bystanders… I was going to be a witness but I didn’t want to get over involved. :hehe:

Rusty your not looking to bounce off anymore jewellers are ya???

You both sound like a right dodgy pair…