Sunday 23.10.11 - last Sunday before the clocks go back!

Norma Jean rideout.

No splitters. Harleys welcome. Sorry, but not suitable for 125s. Also not suitable for scooters (sprry Julian :blush: )

Depart the Ace 9.30am - with a full tank.

A rideout to the bithplace of an icon.

Lovely Autmnal scenery, gravel, bends, a water feature all included:)

Ride at your own risk, this is not an LB sponsored rideout and we cannot be responsible for anything that happens to you. (No dicking about:w00t: )

Will Some Like it Hot on this rideout? :wink:

Plumping breasts, what`s that all about, and when do they stop plumping?



? +1

Do you have to suffer a seven year itch to join in, and will skirts get blown up :rolleyes:

Your going to LA??

Will Elton John be attending/cashing in?

Always makes me laugh when people call it that :smiley:

If you wear one of those skirts, we will find somwhere appropriate to blow up it:D

Will try and come down to the Ace for Breakfast (hangover permitting) and say hi…

Eheh, only those in the know :wink:

Norma Jean is the given name of a very famous actress in said movie! :stuck_out_tongue:

Though after I posted I checked it up and it’s actually spelled Jeane

No he’s even turned down a pillion ride on Westie’s sprint:crying:

? +2

oh? pamela anderson with her boobys hanging out then?

any way i was meant to come on the other ride but i thought it was this sunday coming not sunday gone??? doh!!! i have been a wee bit busy and all that

Sadly will have to give this a miss as the folks are down for a visit - have fun :slight_smile:

Just checked the weather 17deg and sunny ,so i’m in …

Aye, looking good for the day, may be a tad chilly early/late though. (Remember last Sunday morning?:w00t: )