Sunday 17th April Secret Nuclear Bunker Tour

ok folks i am going to go here and take a wander about feel free to join me

Admission is £6.50 for adults takes about an hour to two depending on how much info you want to take in … cafe on site and they do not take credit cards/debit cards at the site at all so make sure you have cash please

but i plan to stop off before there here

This can be busy but if there is a fair number i will phone before hand to arrange if we can get a reserved slot

If you dont want to eat here then that is fine but you entertain yourselves whilst those that do do …

The menu is available online and the car park is a bit gravelly but there is an alternative next door but not sure of charges

so i want to leave the Ace @ 9.00 .

125 friendly / new to big bike

approx 110 miles but tour times etc mean a bit longer day …

Mr-C is heading up north to get his hornet around that date (not sure exactly when though!)…so if I’m all alone can I tag along? (I know i’ve definately got that day off work!!! :smiley: ) Will let you know for sure when I know :stuck_out_tongue:

I might be doing the good old Box Hill lanes / Pirbright Esses Sunday 17th, but if not will join you on this one - looks interesting.

Provisionally Im in on this one,sounds good

Is this the ‘secret’ bunker near Brentwood?


I’ll plan to join you :slight_smile:

I could be in on this one :cool:

If it’s on the web with both a map and directions to it, and signs when you get near…then it’s not very fcking secret now is it :smiley:

haha!!! :smiley:

It might be a Decoy Bunker…the Really Secret Nuclear Bunker could be a lot closer to home…Or Not.

Maybe Tim’s ride could include a search for the Really Secret One also:D

We haven’t put our names down for this as we have been before. It is well worth a visit, a very odd place:)

and they wont let you in again:w00t::P:hehe::hehe:

Cheek! They were very nice to us there & said we were welcome back any time:cool::hehe:

Should be up for this, do you require tail gunning duties ?

if your offering … im accepting …ty :stuck_out_tongue:

Just remember the colour of the bike will be different :wink:

Plz put me down as a maybe not too sure about that weekend but yeah im game of not :smiley:

I think I’m in Bristol that weekend so I’m out :frowning:

Will definitely make it if I don’t go to Bristol though!! :slight_smile:

As its 125 friendly im game for it :smiley: