Sunday 15 July. Jetsream goes soft

Well with all this rain the going will be soft.

Where will we be going? Depends on the weather forecast on Saturday, but it will be somewhere about 250+ miles riding for those with a full licence and not on a 125. Back in time for a training run.

Setting off from the Ace at 9.30 prompt, full tanks, empty bladders, no nobbers.

Anyone fancy it?

We`re thinking Weymouth.

See the Jurassic stones before the olympics.

This ride will include a cream tea.

pencil me in

Apparently we’re not allowed sharp things like pencils at our age but we’ve added you on the list with yellow crayon if that’s OK mate:kiss:

By the time you get to Weymouth the chipshops will all be closed so you might not get anything:cool:

Hello Jetstream,

What bikes do you all ride? I am more South London way but what way would you head to weymouth? I would like to try and come it sounds like a good days riding. Not hooked up with anyone on here yet only the OMC crew!

The list,



Moto King,:laugh:

We`re on a Triumph Daytona 955i which is well slow. We ride nicely, allegedly. :slight_smile:

So you will be happy to ride with us.:stuck_out_tongue:

i have a cbf 600 at the min that should be ok yeah? what route do you take down

You don’t live near a shallow stream by any chance?
Perhaps a road marked ‘Not Suitable for Motor vehicles’ ?

I would be careful going down to weymoputh as there is a big bike ride there on Sunday that I’ll be at with approx 200 bikes that you might want to avoid or you could call in to the pub for the end of the run and have a natter some details on here

Arrrgh, I need a shorter ride, or at least one that doesn’t stray so far from home so that I can easily peel off early without having to bomb it up the motorway. I have to be at Heathrow at 7pm :expressionless:

If I recover from my man flu by then I’m in.

You never know, I may even make an appearance :smiley:

If i can get a hall-pass…im definately up for this!

Well if the weather is good I may pop along… would be a shame not to say hello after so long! Good to see you back doing rides Chris and Julie! :slight_smile:

I’ll bring a few litres of oil just in case :smiley:

If it looks cloudy I’m going to go get thrown about a room by an irishman and his wife…

The best chippy in the UK is in Weymouth, righ by the bridge in the harbour:cool:

might meet on route Chris, let me know a good meet point once you have your route;)

Staying away for the night in Berkshire, if I can get up in time, I will be up for it, but looks unlikely :stuck_out_tongue:

We’ll be finalising route/destination on Saturday after looking at the weather map. Will let you know then Mo:)

NO nobbers??? What about me and Alex??

No rain - I’m in!

Rain - I’m in NOT :frowning: