Sun 8 November - Remembrance Sunday Rideout

As requested the Sunday rideout this week is Remembrance Sunday at Fort Nelson - to attend the ceremony and see a BIG gun fired in remembrance of The Fallen.

Leave the Ace 8.00, very much on the dot, Box Hill 9.00 ditto. Full tanks and empty bladders essintial. Gas masks optional.

To remember the fallen in all wars, wear your poppy with pride.

This ride will be aiming to get down to Fort Nelson by 10.30 am when they open (café, loo etc)

At 11.00 am an 18 pounder gun will signify the start of the 2 minute silence, and again at the end of it. Expect a very big bang or two.

Might be a blat down there but a scenic route back with lunch after the ceremonials.

This was really good last year. Its also a really interesting place to visit.

Excellent! I’ll meet you at the Ace and I’ll either have new tyres or old knobblies, so I’ll be very much up for tailgunning.

No lay in in then :frowning:

Get in quick or follow the tribe :wink:

Cloudy and overcast, 15° feeling more like 10° and with just a 10% probability of precipitation I’ll be out early doors.

Will see you at Boxhill. Promise not to steer the bike towards the mud this year. In fact, touch wood, this will be two years crash free :-/

Box at 9.

Mrs J has a nephew in the Marines so no nonsense.

I’ll trump Mr J’s nephew with two of Mrs NT’s cousins, Falkland Vets so they’re getting on a bit now.

Gonna miss this again, shame, going out celebrating on Saturday and working Sunday night

just make sure you are back to watch the Finale (Fireworks) of the MotoGP !

This was a Great ride last year, please accept my apologies for this years memorial ride.

Probably out, Lanterns and football duties call

Lanterns is a new one.

We won’t be watching the GP or anything else for that matter but anyone who wants to can obviously nip off early to do so.

We’ll look forward to seeing anyone who turns up - DB we accept your apols :slight_smile:

I’m up for this, will meet you all at Box Hill :slight_smile:

Box at 9am! C u there.

I will do my best to make it…

RIP Liam Tasker and Theo, gone but not forgotten

Blimey David, we understand your sentiments but do you realise where we’re going is almost Portsmouth? It’s a hell of a long way from your place now

This is me we’re talking about here… I can get to the Ace in about 1hr30 :wink: