Suicidal Bunny

I’ve just had the a very unfortunate experience with a Wabbit.

Overtaking a line of traffic headed by a bus at around 70mph, I noticed the bus move over to the very left of the carriageway to avoid a large lump in the road, which I thought was a curled-up hedgehog. I moved as far to the right of the object as I safely could (cos of oncoming traffic) and, just as I approached it, it uncurled itself and jumped in front of my front wheel.

In the millisecond I had to do something I realised I couldn’t possibly avoid the Suicidal Bunny without killing myself, so I braced myself and the bike and hit it full on. :frowning:

I feel awful about the Wabbit but thought I should pass on the advice that in my (newly acquired) experience, hitting it full-on was the best thing to do. I felt the impact through the entire bike cos it was a big mutha of a bunny, but by hitting it straight on it didn’t cause me to lose control.

Anyone got any better rodent avoiding advice?

I am now a self-confessed bunny killer. :crazy:

oh how could you? im reporting you to the bunny police!:smiley: hehe;)

Best I had was hitting a cat on my GSXR1100,after exploding all over the oil cooler,the smell of very hot cat was a bit nasty.:sick:

Hey! At least you’re not a bunny boiler…

With the best will in the world if it was a choice between me and a wabbit I’d have gone for the direct approach too.


Ewww thats gross:crazy:

hmmm - interesting scenario…

how close were you to the bus that you couldnt see the bunny at the same time OR before the bus driver did?

one thing that I used to be pulled up on whilst doing advanced training was using my vision to judge what going on ahead an then act accordingly…

the faster you go - the more you need to look down the road and act accordingly

One guy described the best way of doing this was to keep scanning the road from the front of your bike to at least the distance in front of you that it would take to come to a stand still…

also: remember one of the golden rules of being on the road:

“only a fool breaks the two second rule”

get any closer to the vehicle in front of you and you’ll cut down the chances of being able to manouver in the event of something happening…

its unfortunate - but think of it this way: you hit a bunny…

… BUT if it had been a brick and you were doing 70 - what could have happened - do you think you’d have still been on the bike following the impact…??

But he did look ahead and avoided the object… the bunny then decided to get up and run into him…

I was hit by a suicidal bird once (thank got I wear a full face helmet, or I would have got a gob full of sparrow) and it scared the living sh*t out of me.

:frowning: :frowning:

Awwwww…You could’ve picked it up and brought it round to me…i could’ve fed me ferrets it for a couple of days!;):stuck_out_tongue:

Worst case i had involving our feathered “friends”. while riding in traffic in the city a pidgeon flew up from the pavement and got its head stuck between the clutch lever and grip! i just managed to pull it free before having to stop. I spose i could have pulled the clutch in and ripped the feckers head off!
Would have meant alot of cleaning though

I would of picked it up taken it home and cooked it, yummy yummy.

I hope u mean yummy rabbit!:stuck_out_tongue: disgusting vermin london pigeon YUCK!! a nice fat wood pigeon now thats yummy:D

DING DING DING DING thats ten points hit old people and scooters for 20

I saw the Bunny from a long way back and positioned myself to avoid what I thought was a curled up hedgehog. As TheRammo says, the bunny jumped into my path.

If it had been a brick, I would have seen it as a brick and not mistaken it for a hedgehog AND, bricks don’t jump! :slight_smile:

Had a mate who hit a seagul that made a bloody mess

OY Birdy, what do you mean 20 points for a scooter.

Only 15 for yours, it’s too easy… :stuck_out_tongue:

I want at least 50 points.:smiley:

Had a pigeon hit me full in the chest once, winded me a little, but was kinda mezmerized by this explosion of feathers in front of my face.
When i finally managed to bring my bike to a stop, i looked behind me , but didnt see anything laying on the ground, so i set off again, chuckling to myself with the vision in my mind of a semi nekid pigeon, hiding in the bushes to cover its modesty )

:Whistling: urmm did i say scooter i meant any thing under 50cc :smiley:

i remeber once a group of us were driveing around the back roads when a bird flew out and hit my mates helmet it was like in a cartoon show because he slamed on the breaks and the bird flew roundn his helmet once before flying off.

and another one me and a mate were argueing about wheather you should stop for animals and things in the road if they run in your way weather to hit them or swerve he said you should hit them no matter what a few days later we were driveing to chelmsford and a deer ran out in the road he didnt stop :crazy: ouch the deer got up all shocked and ran away fine my mate had to push his bike home with a broken wrist lol