Stoner or Rossi?

Through the timing gear the Kawasaki is as quick as any of them. It’s not all about top speed, the time is made up in the corners.:w00t:As they say, power is useless without control;)

Stoners bike is fast in a straight line and thats it, Rossi’s bike carries higher corner speed, is more stable, faster out of corners so unless your on a very long straight how would you explain your comments that Rossi would win every race? There are corners to consider.Did you see how out of shape Stoners bike is mid corner where as Rossi’s is dead stable. Stoners bike doesnt handle as well as the Yamaha but has blistering top end.Thats the point your missing your saying that if Rossi had Stoners bike he would win every race. What I am saying is that Stoners bike isnt better than Rossi’s Stoner just rides it well and I dont feel that Rossi could ride Stoners bike as well as Stoner can and vise versa.Basically what it comes down to is they are equally talented, both of their bikes have advantages in different places no one bike is specifically better than the other meaning that Rossi wouldnt always win on Stoners bike and vise versa.We shall wait and see the result at the end of the championship. Its gonna be a close one and a good fight. I cant wait.


Do you think that all of the GP tracks just consist of long straights or something? You seem to be of the opinion that the Ducati is faster everywhere. Do you listen to what Randy Mamola says during the race?Ie. The Yamaha has the edge on handling ie faster on corners but the Ducati is faster down the straights. How does that make the Ducati fastest overall?Correct me if I am wrong but arent there more corners than straights?

It was the Honda way that the other teams followed…Develop an outstanding bike, and reap the benefits no matter what rider, making RCV211 the most successful GP bike of the MotoGP era so far.I don’t think that is the case anymore…A lot of manufacturers sat up when Rossi went to Yamaha in 04 and won the championship straight off the bat.Winning like that, on a bike that just a year before was over complicated and hard to ride, showed that rider development was key.So…If Gerry Burgess and Valentino Rossi went to Ducati, I think Ducati would give them free reign to develop the bike.You can’t question that winning team and Ducati aren’t stupid enough not to use outside experience, hence their relience on F1 engineer Alan Jenkins and the rumoured use of Ferrari technology for the carbon fibre framed GP10.

If Rossi’s scribblings are to be believed (and I don’t doubt him) then at the time he was told by Ducati that it was their way or no way. Thats why he went to yamaha as he was given a free rein.

This was like 05 (yeah I read that book too) and I don’t think that still stands now.I wouldn’t doubt that Stoner now shapes the outcome of the Ducati bike now, just as Pedo seems to shape the RCV.Just my opinion though.

I think Stoner hasn’t had to fight for a while but his GP wins in 125 and 250 show that he must know how, fairing-bashing is a way of life in those classes. To take the title in only your second MotoGP season takes some special talent, though I agree it helps if your bike is the best by miles. No-one could stay with him last term, and he couldn’t get anywhere near the leaders at first this time until the last couple of races when he was back on disappearing-into-the-distance mode again. Now that the other manufacturers are improving to match Ducati we’ll see who really has what it takes. I don’t agree that a change of bikes wouldn’t make any difference, that big red beastie is bloody quick and Stoner knows how to ride it which apparently no-one else does. He’s already in the top 5 of races won by number of starts.

Then again, Rossi is just a riding God. I don’t care which of them wins as long as it’s not than annoying little t0$$er Pedrosa.

his first race on a yam and the build up to it was damn exciting :smiley:
what a story


There`s only 1 valentino Rossis.

Simple difference between them…

Rossi loves to RACE…

Stoner only loves to win…and whine when beaten…his crew didn’t get the bike right…his tires were off…someone else was “over the line” with their passing…it’s always some whine…some moan…he’s effing OBNOXIOUS…just shut the f$#% up and ride kid…no one questions your talent.

As an aside, now that Stoner has shown that having Rossi in front of him…controlling the procedings…aggravates him, I suspect he’ll see a steady dose of it…Rossi used to torment Biaggi and Sete by getting on their rear tire and pressuring them into mistakes…that approach doesn’t work with Stoner as once he’s to the front on the Ducati, he can leave the field…and he seems pretty immune to the pressure of riders behind him…BUT…having someone in front of him…riding a defensive line…blocking him…hindering his rhythm REALLY seemed to pi$$ him right off…as long as the Yahama can prevent the Ducati from getting away at the front (usually by just blasting past on the straights), Stoner is going to see a steady treatment like that from Rossi…I think this was Rossi’s plan all along…but didn’t have the tires or horsepower last year to pull it off…

Should make for some exciting racing. fingers crossed

I like 'em both - the ducati suits Stoner’s loose style perfectly,but he whines too much when he doesn’t win - it’s always someone else’s fault.He is unbeatable if he gets away in front, but if he has to mix it then he’s not so good .He seems let the old red mist get in the way and gets very ragged as a result.

Rossi is a superb racer, and has proved he can ride any bike fast - can you imagine Stoner on a 500 two stroke ? he’d be off over the top every other race :slight_smile:

I’m not a massive Rossi fan, but I do accept that he is the talent of the generation, and possibly the best there has been.

Still think WSB is better, and Nitro Nori should be king of the world :smiley:

Got to give props to Stoner for being able to keep the Ducati under control, no-one else can manage it! The thing seems to sketch out on every corner but he manages to stay on it and keep it shifting, I don’t think saying that Rossi on the Ducati would leave everyone for dust is necessarily fair at all, it suits Stoner’s style, but maybe not Vale’s…

But in answer to the OP. Rossi all the way, so in control, fantastic rider, loves a battle and an all round top lad to boot.

Was disappointed by Stoner’s whinging after the race on Sun, although I agree with the commentary (BBC) team, that at the time, he prob had no idea that Rossi had nearly binned it in the corkscrew and that’s why they came so close… Shame he came off though, was an awesome battle, hopefully more like that after the break!

huh? Whats motoGP? N all these people u mention? I dont understand…:D:D:D:D

stupid question…

Val is the G.O.A.T…

Now THAT was what i meant to say, only u put it so much better !!!Before, i was talking overall, if you put rossi on stoners bike he would win in the fashion he wins now…corners,straights whatever and i think stoner wouldnt fair so well on the yamaha …and no im not saying stoner cant ride either, i never did say that…but rossi would beat him…forget about corners mate, im talking overall…rossi is the better rider…stoners got the makings of a great little rider, he has to learn to concentrate on the race, his braking skills, and not on passing rossi come what may and stop bleating on about excuses he should have known about or expected, ie stop the whining and get on with what hes paid for…Rossi knows what hes doing out on track, he knows how to wind up stoner just like he did with sete…yes it will be good to see what transpires…im sure we will all be watching…I still say if rossi had gone to ducati on his terms,there would be no contest who wins the championship…the guys awesome on a bike…saying that, he got the deal he wanted with yamaha, and hes kicking hondas ass !!!

Now THAT was what i meant to say, only u put it so much better !!!quote]Thats because he doesnt ramble and can structure a sentence which is readable lol :w00t:

Now THAT was what i meant to say, only u put it so much better !!!quote]Thats because he doesnt ramble and can structure a sentence which is readable lol :w00t:
Err…and you are? Anyway, thats cos hes a bloke and like you, you cant do or say sod all wrong eh? :wink: MEN !!! :w00t:

Easy tiger - Mamola called Rossi’s bike an R1 at one point…

Yeah I caught that:DHave to say it’s not often RM goofs. He’s been a hero of mine since 1979:cool: