Stoner or Rossi?

Amazed by the varying views on this weekends racing in some threads on here.

Been watching MotoGP for about 4 years now and then started going ‘backwards’ and watching all the older DVD’s about the GP and certain characters.

I have nothing but admiration for ALL the riders that have even attempted to race this series and the different bikes over the years…but have to admit to finding Rossi the ‘complete package’ on all levels.

Just interested to see (honest) opinions, if you could choose to be either of the characters…who would it be.




Did you SEE Rossi on sunday??? how can you NOT vote the KING !!! Yeh i have respect for all riders, but Stoner was riding out of his capabilities…Rossi had him in his pocket and boyed him off time after time, even with all the gadgets Stoners got on his Duke…ROSSI RULES…

Err, we DO have some shite commentators on Eurosport tho dont we?..some crap about Rossi trying to run Stoner off the track??? WHAT ??WHERE?? WHEN???

Where’s the option for Little Loris?:angry:

Rossi just seems to embody the whole moto-gp ethos for me…

Im warming to DeAngelis, good rider…like his style…

Rossi everytime, he’s such a character and a legend :smiley:

In a head to head dice like on Sunday Rossi can keep his cool and just pips it. However on a consitentcy level and repeatedly performing lap after lap I would say stoner. Stoner hasnt really had much experience of head to head dicing before as is usually always miles out in front.I think they are as good as each other and you cant really seperate them. They each have exceptional talent and their talents show in different areas.

Disagree with ya there mate…you can seperate them !! if u put Rossi on that bike Stoners got, there would be a boring race every time…wouldnt BE anyone else in them thats why…couldnt you see the difference between the 2? Rossi kept his calm and is consistent and performing every lap, Stoner was all over the shop, all he was hoping for was to pass Rossi on the straights, but he still couldnt do it, its like my Blade trying to get past a SCOOTER and not being able to (god forbid !!) … :wink:

BBC mate, gotta do it with parish and suzy smooze…All things considered i’m Vale to the core…colin edwards calls him the GOAT…!

Since the days of Sheene there has not been anyone even close with the same charisma as Rossi. He is without doubt the best of the current generation. He has fun, earns extremely well and is worshipped the world over, why would you not want to be him?

Vale is a great driver, but Casey has the right Bike

Greetz Carsten



If your reffering to the fact that Stoners bikes so good why is Melandri doing so badly? He aint no slouch and is always at the back. Rossi’s bike isnt any worse than Stoners its just different. Stoners bike is faster top end but Rossi’s has better accelaration out of corners and better stability mid corner. Re watch the race and you will see Rossi pulls on Stoner at the exit onto the straights and at the end of the straights Stoner catches him, but Rossi is better on the brakes hence why Stoner had trouble trying to pass him and over shot and crashed. You cant say that Stoners success is just down to his bike and if Rossi had Stoners bike he would run away with it.Recently in the bike Mags Schwantz road all the moto gp bikes and actually made a very interesting comment about the Ducati. He said ‘how Stoner rides it that damn fast on this bike I will never know’. That tells you something.

Having recently read Vale’s autobiography I understand why the top italian rider has never wanted to ride the top Italian bike.Vale is a rider who likes his bike developed to suit his needs. Between him and Gerry Burgess they turned the M1 yamaha from a total dog to a race winner overnight.Ducati’s ethos is totally different. They build a race winning bike and expect the rider to adapt to the bike. That’s why Milandri has struggled.Ducati as good as ignore the rider input and that would not suit Rossi’s way of racing.So, if Rossi was to be on a Desmo I bet he wouldn’t be as quick as Stoner:cool:

Exactly, The Ducati isnt the best bike out there. it has good points and bad same as they all do. Its just Stoner can ride it well.Bit like when Doohan was always winning on a Honda in Gps everyone said his bike is the best by miles. It wasnt, ok it wasnt a bad bike but its the way he could ride it.

I didnt say i didnt think the other riders werent talented same way…and im also not saying that Stoner hasnt grown and come a long way since crashing near enough every race he was in cos his braking is not, shall we say, up to Rossi standards? (stoner nearly overshot a few times, the crash was something we could all see coming sooner or later in that race) although i would have loved to see the end if he hadnt !! Stoners on the faster bike…i said if Rossi had that bike he would be hard to pass …he would win every time, bar a crash incident or the like… Rossi was born and bred and racer…you said you cant seperate them, and i say you can…Rossi’s talent outweighs Stoners…Stoner will have more crashes if he dont keep his head, its what he does, dont make him unworthy, course hes worthy, they all are…but pound for pound Rossi is the best…

Vale is always keen to prove that it’s not his bike that’s special.

In his book, he tells of a plan that him and Sete hatched (when they were both on Hondas) to actually secretly swap bikes for one race to shut the critics up:D

You would be amazed at the secret meetings held in Clinic Mobilia at the dead of night:w00t:

I bet if you put Rossi on the dog awful Kawasaki he would still get it on the podium.

Quite possibly with his crew and a bit of development time.

He was pronounced insane when he went to Yamaha if you remember;)

Put him on a 600 and he’ll win !! The Ducati is faster than the Yamaha, who would be able to catch him on the Ducati? Swop Rossi and Stoner…who would win?