Someone decided they needed my bike more than me the other evening, and I woke up to find it wasn’t in the garden.

Bit gutted but what am I gunna do eh?

If anyone spots anything please do send me a PM, obviously I’ve told the police but I shouldn’t think I’d hear anything about it.

It’s a 98 hornet in red, with a yoshimura exhaust - the only distinctive thing would be that it doesn’t have a typical hanger for the exhaust, rather a bracket has been welded to the can so in that respect it’s somewhat customized. Black ultra low bars. Missing the thermostat housing cover. Number plate T233 LLD. Stolen from Leyton. Probably show up in pieces on ebay next week. Doh!

Thanks alot guys, lock em up :slight_smile:

Damn mate sorry to hear that…bleedin scumbags

So sorry to hear that :frowning:

You might consider that you don’t want to hear anything again. When my CBR got stolen, I thought I was gutted, but when they found the carcass, then I really felt bad. I could have understood having it stolen and knowing someone else was getting use out of it, but for it just to be chucked out of the back of the van and written off really seemed a waste.

damn that sucks, sorry to hear it

Yeah well, my pushbike (that a member on here sold me only a couple of months ago), my laptop (which i got on credit 1 month ago and need to pay for for the next year) and my motorbike all decided to go walkies in the past 2 weeks. Wouldn’t be so bad but I’ve ruptured a tendon and can’t really walk so I had to go out and buy another pushbike yesterday just to get around.

Still, ever the optimist :smiley: I’ll just presume I had a life changing motorbike crash lined up this summer lol.

Ah man sorry to hear all that bad news :frowning:

hey matey, so sorry to hear this bad news!!!, i know how you feel, its been a year since my poor kwak was nicked…:crying:

Sorry to hear that.

Fingers crossed!

there is no words for this, but you have a good way of looking at it,

hope things turn soon for you.

will keep an eye out.


i’m in east london, i will keep an eye out :wink:

that really sucks bro keep your head up

The winkers. I have a Hornet which is slightly newer than yours and I thought it wouldn’t be too much of a target but hearing your’s has been nicked I shouldn’t be so insouciant. Fingers crossed it turns up in a decent condition. Was it secured?

I had a T reg hornet in the same red stolen 2 years ago. I hope you get yours back.

Thanks guys

Yeah I thought the same, seems everything’s a target. To be honest I probably didn’t do myself any favors half the time with regards to the security. It comes down to laziness, but with a million and one other things going on it’s easy to slip into a routine and just presume it wont happen to you. Better it happened with this bike over something a lot nicer a few years down the line though, I’ve learnt my lesson haha.

Damn mate sorry to hear this.hope insurance pays up quick enough… Or that its found in a good eniugh state!

That sucks m8. Hope the b*stards get their come uppance!

Kyle. First, sorry. You do seem to be having a bad patch at the moment.

In the unlikely event that plod finds it, would you realy want it back? I had a Mini Cooper stolen (probably back before you were born) and it was recovered a few weeks later. It had been ragged to hell. The insurance company stopped the promised cheque and I had a devil of a job getting them to pay a cent towards the engine/gearbox rebuild needed.

In some respects life’s easier if you never see your machine again.

sorry to hear about this … but im in and around east london i shall keep an eye out…
hope it either come back in one piece and the t*4ts get caught or insurance pay out quickly.

i want a hornet as my next bike and reading this just worries me :frowning:

Very sorry, you are having a rough time. There’s lots of LB eyes looking out for it. Hope its found or the insurance pays quickly.

Sorry to hear that… :crazy: