Stolen KDX200 green F204 UJH

Stolen from outside my house last night, despite security - so they will have been trespassing on my land to take her. More proof that it doesn’t matter what you do - if they want it, they will take it.

Just wanted to get the word out. I doubt you’ll see her, but it is worth the pop. Too pissed off to say any more.

W**kers. Gutted for ya.

Sh1t sorry to here that yet another bike has gone.

Doesn’t seem to matter what you do anymore the little fuggers will take it if they want it.

Seriously considering splashing out on a tracker now.

Sorry about this. W*nkers.

oh no, cannot believe it, very sorry to hear this, gutted for you.

Oh sh!t!:crazy:

Sorry to hear this Gabs. I know you’ve only just got it back on the road.

Gutted for you hun.

I hope you get a result.

Sorry to hear this :crazy:
Any pictures so people can keep a look out ?

sorry your another victim , Thieving Scum

Soz Gabs will keep me eyes peeled

Thanks for your posts guys. I don’t have one of her, but she looks almost exactly like this:

Differences: standard exhaust, purple bag on back, no caliper cover on the front, green fork covers, engine support/frame is not blue - just silver/original, green throttle grips, numberboards are just green and mine had green hand protectors.

Sorry to read this :frowning: Hope you get some news of her.

Sorry to hear this Gabs, fingers crossed its just lying in a field somewhere close as they tried to kick start it and it smashed them in the shin cracking a bone…

Hope you get it back soon babe.

So sorry to hear :frowning:

Hopefully it was just kids and the bike will be found back soon!

oh gabs…:frowning:

sorry to hear this, it has to be kids! check the local fields??

let me know if ya need a hand girl! x

aww man sorry to hear that. Hope karma comes round for these thieving scums :angry:

Im 110% sure that youre right (they never took the SV or the ZX10 - brand new at the time but 75kg heavier and with better security), but the house is right by 150 acres of farmland and you can imagine that its just fields everywhere, so it really could be anywhere. I know all the local haunts, though and will do the rounds…

3rd bike we’ve had stolen this year (other two were from Surrey and were old racebikes and were INSIDE A HOUSE), had a car nicked from Stevenage too early last year cause it was an old Honda and easy to nick - police found it burnt out in Stevenage the next day. Why can’t people just not interfere in other peoples’ lives - they DONT have a right to it, so don’t ******* touch it.

Interfering c**ts.

defo scout the fields, my scoot went missing, that was next to my SV wich was untouched, i toured the estate, mae soem calls…nothing…kids from outside my estate probably, brave tho, get caught round my way at night…and your not from there but another area…bad news…

i rekon they have nicked it for field use…

sorry to hear about the meanie gabs. i’m off tomorrow if you want me to come up and join the hunt.

cheers dude - but I havent got any holiday and have already laid her to rest to be honest - i really dont hold any hope in seeing her again.

I was a proper toerag growing up an i got to be honest karma never let me get away with nothing i know its no consulation for that empty space where you bike once sat but keep the faith :slight_smile: