Stolen from Uxbridge LD10 SYC

My Honda CBR RR600 was stolen today, please look out for my baby.
Has a sticker of a Girl with purple hair on right hand side faring. On Left side New Orleans sticker.
They smashed the disk lock, steering lock and got through the HISS system.


Jeez, so sorry to hear this.

Fuckers. Sorry from title - Uxbridge.

Usually known as chavbridge!
Next door to the courts and a few meters from police station! No shame…these people

Ah mate hope you find it!  Sorry to hear about your baby.

Well given the recent example of sentencing. No hope of this calming down any time soon. Luck be with us all. Sigh

Sorry to hear that mate. I dread to even ride my bike and that’s only a Sunday bcr blast I do, rest of the time it’s locked away.
Hope it’s found

So sorry Nic

Thanks Jet and everyone.

Oh bloody hell, that’s awful. You’ve had that bike for ages. Is there any cctv footage from the adjacent buildings?

Seriously crap news. Most gutting feeling walking out and finding the pride and joy is gone.  Bloody awful.  I think castration and flogging is in the order of the day by means of penance.

@Janey the uni is going through CCTV but nothing so far.
Came out to find smashed disk lock across the road.
It is a odd feeling finding it gone, you have to do a double take.

That you do! I thought for a second when I found mine gone that maybe I’d parked it somewhere else and forgotten about it .

I thought that Sleeper, thought I parked further down the road.

Great news from the police
…Case closed! Madness

Great result. Hope there wasn’t too much damage.

Sorry Joby, the police have given up looking for the bike!

Aw balls.

That’s shite. 

Great news from the police .....Case closed! Madness Nic
This is something that seriously needs to be addressed. Think it is fucking ridiculous that a case gets closed after 36 hours (which is what mine was). 

The thing is, there is absolutely no way they could have exited my road or surrounding without going through CCTV! so the police didn’t even bother to try or do any checks… These fuckwits will never get caught if the police aren’t even doing basic checks.

Pisses me off.