Stolen from Uxbridge LD10 SYC

Sleeper, the police told me because there was no CCTV, no point in bothering!
When I gave them photos of an incident of another bike being stolen,on the same day a few hours before mine. Not more than a few miles away. One police officer said not our patch. Another one was not interested. What is the point, makes your blood boil. You work hard and some little shit, see it,want it, take it. Oh and to rub salt in the wound, taken from next door to magistrate court and 500 meters from police station!

I feel you mate honestly! This infuriating feeling you get from both scrotes taking your shit and police not doing anything…Oh yeah…I know!  I KNOW!

Mate at least the police spoke to you. They couldn’t even be bothered to call me.

You’re right it does make your blood boil, what fucks me off about it though, there is going to have been CCTV! How do they know that some idiot has used his own bike with his own plate! They don’t and won’t…

If I ride with MOT though as an example I’ll get points and a fine and probably lose my bike.

I suppose that’s something, I even had a home visit from the police officer!
Very true the law abiding person, will get done simply by forgetting an MOT…however the twats that steal for a living get away with. Where is the justice, I just don’t know.