Stolen BMW F650GS

Right… some pardon my language (fcukers) stole my pride and joy from outside my house tonight in Hackney! It was taken between 11pm and 1am. The reg plate is YT58 NMX! Its a blue BMW F650GS. Please guys keep an eye out on it i’d really appreciate it!

And yes i have reported it stolen.


Oh no! Really sorry to hear Ally, and hope you get it back in one piece asap

:pinch: seriously getting a joke on here,can only wait and hope something turns up …not the usual target bike? seems a bit weird imo

+1 will keep my eyes and ears open for you.

For **** sake, this is beyond a joke. If there is this many just from these forum people can you imagine the total knicked :angry:

So sorry to hear this. What security did they get past? Just interested to see what lengths they went too to steal a non sports bike?

Fingers crossed they are as stupid as the ones that knicked mine and it turns up Hun x x

I thought the bike was kept off the road Ally? was it in the front garden?

sad news hun :frowning:

I feel your pain as mine was nicked last sunday.
Really hope you get it back and the perps get caught, don’t forget to put it on the database.
I’ll keep my eyes peeled, not seen many of those in that colour. You are not alone.

Gutted for you one of the wrose feelings i’ved had in my life looking at a empy space where my p&j once was :angry:


Just had a very nice copper of the phone who told me that they hit 3 other bikes last night in Hackney in various locations so anyone who does live here please be aware they are scouting the theiving scum!

sorry to hear, will keep an eye out today

Sorry to hear this Ally, I’ll keep my eyes and ears open everywhere I go.

So sorry to hear that Ally :crying: If it is any consolation to you, a mate’s bike was found unharmed the other day around the corner from where it was stolen. Good luck hon, I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear that Ally, little gits. Fingers crossed

sorry to hear that Ally, I’ll keep an eye out too

I hope you get it back x

w@nkers, hope you get it back.

:frowning: sorry to hear this. hope you get it back :ermm:

it is getting ridiculous… sorry to hear that ali…:frowning:

Sorry about that, I know how you feel and think you quite reserved with your post.

It seems that it doesn’t really matter what bike it is nowadays.

B0llox :frowning: every week I say I’ll get my bike back on the road then see these threads and choose to keep the bike locked away.
I’m going to take a long walk home tonight and see if it’s about in area.