Stolen 2010 Black Suzuki Van Van LO10 TLK - RECOVERED!!!

Hi guys,

My brand new van van was stolen this Thursday 25 November from Islington.

Gaskin Street N1

The thieves broke into my clinic room, stole my keys then came back 20 minutes later and made off with my brand new bike.

They passed me on the stairs - 2 young men, 1 black, 1 white, aged around 20, both around 5’8" wearing casual clothing.

Please keep an eye out for someone of this description riding a black van van in the North London area. The registration plate is LO10. If you see it please inform Islington burgulary team on 020 7421 0150.

Many many thanks !!



Sorry to hear that, what a nightmare.

It might be worth posting on the vanvan forum, lots of active members who generally have a good idea of what bikes are about for sale and also parts that come up on ebay.

vanvan forum

Hope you get her back

Thank you so much Jimbo - will keep you posted

good luck , I will keep my eye out .

There a good bunch overe there and seem to have hawk eyes when it comes to vanvans

I like the sound of hawk eyes !!

thank you so much Jimbo

Gutted for you mate - from one VanVan owner to another. Where abouts in Islington was it stolen? Would be good to flag the specific area to the community - as a place of vigilance and also as a black-spot for parking.

Def try the VV forum, I use it regularly as it’s a great source of info - and the members are very dedicated.

I will keep my eyes peeled. I’m always aware of other VVs on the road, so will make sure I’m alert for yours.

The more I hear about this, the more my blood boils. One way or another these people need to be taught a big bloody lesson!:angry:

Hi gorgeous !

Thank you so much for your support.

The thieves broke into my clinic on Gaskin Street, and the bike was parked beside it.

They were caught on CCTV 5 metres from the bike, so it’s quite possible we will get a clear picture of them and someone in the Islington police station will recognise them !!!

fingers crossed…

will keep you posted

Karinino…I really hope that the thieves are caught and punished. Hope you get your bike back soon. The more publicity this gets is good. Evie

thank you Evie ! xxx

That’s lucky you got police or someone to review the cctv footage, i’ve been waiting a month to no avail.

she’s back !!! will send more news shortly, gonna try to find her 2moro - she’s in a motorbike ‘hotel’ in west london… (perivale car pound)…

thats great! lets hope shes not been treated to bad

great result. defo lets us know what happened.

great news

Pity we don’t hear enough of this sort of thing! Happy days!

she is in safe hands as a certain member works there if my memory serves me well


So good to hear some good news on the stolen bike front!:smiley:


guys !! you lot are so cool !! got the bike back… it took 9 hours but it was worth it !

baby bike is safe and well

rear puncture, minor scrapes on exhaust + right handlebar + possible suspension glitch…

  • need to buy new locks, some kind of alarm + change the ignition locks too as they have the keys (unless the thieves get nicked… -i have a funny feeling they will — watch this space…)

it wasn’t safe to ride, so suzuki recovery sent a cool dude hero from the AA to save the day + get it to my local suzuki hospital

thank you all so much for your kind support

will keep you posted !