Stolen 2010 Black Suzuki Van Van LO10 TLK - RECOVERED!!!

Nice one! :slight_smile:

Did you ever find out where it was recovered from or how they were able to find it? Did someone spot it?

i would like to hear more about that kangeroO!

a policewoman biker girl spotted it as it was parked strangely…

it was found on 2 december (my birthday), around 200 metres from where i was having a sweet birthday dinner :slight_smile:

sweet biker lady sent it off to perivale + called me yesterday…

there’s a lot more to the story but for reasons to be revealed will have to surprise you later

in the meantime pls tell some tales of kangeroos :stuck_out_tongue:

You’ll need to watch Mullholland Drive, it’s a quote from that movie… :wink:

That’s my birthday too… :slight_smile:

But that’s scary… that your pride and joy can be so close, yet you have no idea…

Awaiting with baited breath!

your birthday too?!! that’s funny :slight_smile:

waiting for the police to step on it…

great news - hope they nick them!