Still no priminister...!!!

on a more important note, my ice cream just fell on the floor :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

under the now rules they didnt win but they won more seats etc.
they got more so they win i reckon.

You can’t automatically form a govt without an outright majority.If labour and the Lib-dems decide to form a coalition govt (unlikely as it is) and freeze the tories out - they can - and it would be constitutionally and morally legitimate in terms of our parliamentary democracy.

However - they would need to call a snap election to legitimise the arrangement. And if the voting public didn’t like the arrangement in large enough numbers - they could change it by returning the tories with an outright majority - and it would be business as usual.

However - at the moment it’s looking like Clegg doesn’t fancy acting as Gordon Browns life support machine and will facilitate a Cameron prime ministership in return for serious concessions.

Personally I think it’s good that no one has an outright majority - thumping majorities - while facilitating strong govt also results in arrogant and hubristic leadership a la Thatcher and Blair.

The election results have meant that the detached, arrogant political class will have to start watching their backs - they are starting to realise that they cannot take the electorate for granted.

This election has burst the westminster bubble.Personally I couldn’t give a f*ck as i’m more interested in getting some fashion shoes now**this line made sense before the spammer post was removed.

At least any lib/con or lib/lab Government will have more than 50% of the votes. No Government since the war has had anything like 50% of the votes cast behind it.

Given politicians’ records of screwing everything up from education to transport to banks, a period of limbo, or no overall control, might be just what the country needs!

who said we need one?

Not really. No-one voted for any form of coalition.

I’ve spoken to lib dem supporters who’d rather an all-labour majority to a coalition, for example.

and 2/3 rds and more didnt vote for any one of the parties as well

I voted LibDem, but I sure as hell don’t want to see Labour in power.

I imagine you’re not overjoyed at Gordon’s recent decision, then?

But, yeah, that’s the thing. No-one’s voted for a coalition, but we’re almost certainly going to get one. It’s less now about exactly what was voted for, and more about who the people you voted for least mind having to work with.

And, basically, whatever happens the lib dems lose.

Looks like we’re heading for a Labour government with a Lib Dem tinge to it, and Miliband for PM.

Given the situation the hung parliament was going to happen and people knew there would be a coalition. As NJ said in another post we have had strong majority governments for the last thirty years that have rammed through policies and legislation with little regard for what people actually want.

When Labour came to power in 1997 it was on a promise to clear up Tory sleaze, which they didn’t and were in fact worse. And in 2005 only 23.7% of the electorate voted for Labour the rest either didn’t vote or voted for someone else. The turn out was 61%.

The turn out this time was 65% and the Tories received 1.2 million more votes than labour did at the last election.

The whole is system shot to pieces over 3% voted for UKIP and twice as many people voted for the BNP than for the SNP, but yet the SNP reek havoc and as much as I dislike the BNP they are not given any voice. The reaction of the mainstream parties is that they should be banned, rather than asking why are people turning towards these extreme hate groups.

I’m straying from the topic.

I believe that most people who voted for either the LibDems or the Tories wanted Brown out, and if an Alliance is required to that then most people will be satisfied. Cameron will do almost anything to get into office, but the price the LibDem ask will be parliamentary and electoral reform. And that is the prime reason I voted for the LibDems I want thorough reform of the system, and now it looks like it will happen.

**And in the news just now, BROWN HAS RESIGNED!!! **


My dinner’s nearly ready. A half backed fuk up that defies description, taste, balance and sense of purpose. Oh and there’s no choice, like it or lump it. :smiley: Bit like a minority government.

The electorate decided everybody lost so live with it. Personally I expect a Conservative minority Government to emerge from this rather than a coalition.

What about the possibility Clegg will hammer out a deal with Labour now that Browns going?

I’d love to see the look on that oily b*stard Cameron’s face if that happens! :smiley:

The Tories would go nuts! They’ll be ringing their mates in the army to organise a coup! :stuck_out_tongue:

Brown and Clegg had words yesterday and I strongly suspect Brown’s decision to go was actually Clegg’s idea :wink:

I don’t see whats undemocratic about the incumbent government (still Labour until a new government is formed) deciding to a change of Prime Minister- it’s entirely up to them- after all we never have a choice in who becomes the leader of a particular party (well unless you are a party member that is). Our choice as ‘citizens’ in a General Election, at least in my living memory, is limited to electing one of two political parties with a varying degree of diametrically opposed life philosophies for the next 16th of our life. In my opinion this in itself is a flawed concept of ‘democracy’ and a good enough reason to push for change. Of all the possible outcomes it now looks as though whoever ends up at the helm will have to at least undergo some real scrutiny of their policies rather than the traditional waving through by the party machine in both houses.:slight_smile:

One of the reasons I DIDN’T vote Labour was because I don’t want an Orwellian government that spies on my every move, goes into illegal wars in my name - slaughtering millions of innocent civilains, and **** up the economy with their ‘I failed GCSE maths but who cares I can still blow the country’s credit card’ mentality.If the Lib Dems cosy up to Labour I maybe inclined to consider topping myself - or alternatively mainlining class A’s - or - even worse - taking up residence in Threshers.

Yours, after three glasses of Jacob’s Creek, Hels

But do you really believe that if the Tories had been in power they would have done much differently. They were even more pro-Iraq-war than Labour and as for blowing the credit cards didn’t all that start with Thatcher in the 80’s?

Maybe the media will need to reassess it’s approach to reporting this stuff if they’re prooved wrong yet again about the outcome and the reasons for it. :wink: